1. Chemist116

    What would be the number of electrons in a spectroscopic notation?

    I found this a bit "trivial" question regarding quantum numbers but I'm still confused over the given alternatives in the answer. Could it be that whoever posed the question made a mistake or made the question in a silly way? The problem is as follows: How many electrons are in the...
  2. N

    question about notation

    I am an old geek trying to relearn mathematics that I knew 45 years ago. I am beginning to read a basic introduction to rigorous mathematics and need to ask a question about notation. Be patient, I am unsure whether I can use Latex to express it in this interface, so I am going to phrase it...
  3. N

    Function Notation to Express a Question

    Part B of the following problem seems to be fairly straightforward, but I can't seem to complete it properly. I might be overthinking the problem entirely. Would anyone be willing to help?
  4. T

    Deriving the constant acceleration formulas using functional notation.

    Hi, So I was trying to develop a more in-depth understanding of the constant acceleration equations, especially v^2 = u^2+2as. I found a video showing the derivation of this formula: JnFykw00HvE His logic goes like this. 1: Acceleration is the derivative of velocity w.r.t. time. a = dv/dt...
  5. Greens

    What math notation do you dislike?

    Hello all, I'm working on a project for a design class where I have to redesign something, and I chose to redesign some math notation. User research is an important part of the project, so I figured I'd ask you guys. Thanks.
  6. C

    Mathematical notation of matrix

    Hi, I would like to know how is the mathematical notation to describe the selection of a part of a Matrix, eg. in Matlab B=A(1:3,1:2) I appreciate your help
  7. S

    How Can I Represent These Progressions in Sigma Notation?

    I would like to represent the following finite progressions in sigma notation: 1. Finding the $n^\text{th}$ term of a geometric progression: $a_n=a_1(r^{n-1})$, where $a_1$ is the first time and $r$ is the common ratio 2. The sum of a geometric progression: $S_n=a_1\frac{1-r^n}{1-r}$ 3...
  8. H

    Binomial Expansion - The notation

    Q1: nCr+1 - nCr-1 = n+1Cr-1 - n+1Cr Q2: nC3 = 5nC1 Q3: nC1+ nC2 = 3n I would like to know how to solve these questions with detail steps, thank you!! My answer on Q2 is 1 and Q3 is 4 but the model answer are 7 and 5 respectively.
  9. J

    Unrecognized Notation

    I am supposed to prove the following: Where a,b,c,d are members of a field K (satisfying the field axioms). However, I don't quite understand exactly what this notation signifies; specifically, I don't know what the colon means in this context. Usually it means "such that," but that...
  10. S

    Set notation with empty set

    Let A = ∅, B = {7, 8, 9, 1, {∅}}. For each of the following, state whether the statement is True or False. (a) ∅ ∈ A = true (b) A ⊂ B = false (c) P(A) ∈ B = false (d) B ⊆ A = true (e) A ⊆ B = true (f) A ⊆ ∅ = false
  11. J

    Don't recognize notation

    I'm sorry, but I don't quite recognize this notation. I know that this is referring to partial derivatives, but I don't quite understand the significance of the k1 + k2 + k3 in the numerator. X1, X2, and X3 are considered to be separate variables, but I'm still not quite sure how to interpret...
  12. W

    Notation for indefinite integrals

    The notation $\int{f(x)}\,dx$ is commonly used to denote the set of ALL antiderivatives of the function $f$. My question: Is it wrong to use the notation $\int{f(x)}\,dx$ to denote a single antiderivative of the function $f$ without the constant of integration $c$? I saw many instances where...
  13. O

    Scientific notation?

    I was told that the answer, 2.58998811E10 is in scientific notation. But when I looked at three different explanations, I saw no "E" listed. What does that E mean, and what is this answer expanded out? What do I type into a search engine to find tutorials?
  14. C

    An issue with notation

    Dear MyMathForum Community: How does someone who uses these forums introduce mathematical notation and the Greek alphabet into the threads of these forums? Thank you. :) Best regards...
  15. G

    absolute value but in set notation

    |x|>=0 but as set notation I have not seen this written, is there another way other than always true, reall number symbol? thanks!!
  16. G

    state the domain of the following use set notation and interval notation

    state the domain of the following...thanks I am so clueless f(x)=x
  17. V

    Convert LaTeX to Standard Online Notation

    Does anyone know of a software or preferably an online tool that can convert LaTeX into standard online mathematical notation? \left(-\frac{\left(x^2-\pi x-\pi ^2\right)^3}{3\pi ^5}\right)-\frac{\pi }{3} I would like to find some sort of online tool that can convert this into something...
  18. S

    indefinite integrals notation

    Hello everyone. With definite integrals, you are adding infinitely short rectangles with width dx and height f(x), that's why the definite integral notation consists of the integral sign, 2 points within which you are calculating the are and than f(x) and dx. But why does the indefinite...
  19. J

    Little oh notation

    First of all, I wanna say sorry for my bad english. Second, I just don't get the mentioned notation. Actually, I get how it works, but I don't get how many operands I have to have (you probably don't understand what I am talking about, so, I'll give the example:) \boldsymbol{\lim _{n\to \infty...
  20. L

    Set Builder Notation?

    Hi everybody. I'm currently trying to understand the principles of set builder notation. I understand that "(" is used for < and > and "[" is used for less than or equal to and greater than or equal to. But I am looking at a question which says; "Use set builder notation to give a description of...