1. P

    neat prime observation

    start with an even number E. between 1 and 2*E there will be a number such that both it and it+E are prime. after this, there will be a number such that, the low number from the previous pair + the high number from the previous pair, between that range, there will be another number such that it...
  2. Z

    Limits Observation

    Let {a_{n}} be a sequence. \lim_{n\rightarrow \infty}a_{n}=L if, given \epsilon, N exists st |a_{n}-L| < \epsilon for all n > N but there are an infinite number of sequences which satisfy this condition, NO MATTER WHAT \epsilon is, namely all sequences which are the same up to a_{N}, so...
  3. P

    Neural network and little number of observation

    How build predictive model using neural network in my situation? 1. What is the minimum number of observations is necessary to build a neural network? I have 7 independent variables and the dependent 3 (all metric(scale)).It is necessary to find hidden patterns between them. Regression analysis...
  4. I

    Obtain most probable data giving an observation and a model.

    Hello: I would like to know if there is a way to obtain the most probable data for a given observation likelihood value and having the model. More specifically, having a GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model), how could I estimate the incoming data (a vector of parameters of size N) for a given...
  5. mrtwhs

    Interesting observation

    Here is an interesting observation. It's not hard to prove and I think might make a good exercise for a first year calculus student who has just learned the rules for derivatives. Given the polynomial function y=P(x) and a point on it (a,P(a)). According to the division algorithm for...
  6. C

    Mersenne Prime - Interesting Observation

    I am not sure if this has been proven or is really true for all Mersenne Primes: - If (2 ^ k) - 1 is a Mersenne Prime then (2 ^ k) + 1 is not a prime, for k > 2.
  7. J

    Means of Observation

    Please help This is the quantity of goods in each quarter for the year 2010 OBS YEAR Quarter Quantity 1 2010 1 100 2 2010 2 200 3 2010 3 150 4 2010 4 250 If I want the means of quantity in the year 2010, instead...
  8. S

    An Observation . . .

    \begin{array}{c}\text{The bee is a very busy soul.}\\ \\ \text{He has no time for birth control.} \\ \\ \\ \text{That's why in troubled time like these}\\ \\ \text{There are so many sons of bees.}\end{array}
  9. Z

    Mathematical explanation to statistical observation

    Recently when I studied the game Keno (4493 draws) , I did the following observation. In the game Keno, where 20 balls out of 70 are drawn each game, the longest period (amount of draws in a row) for a specifc number to NOT be drawn, was 35. The average MAXIMUM amount of draws (in a row ) for...
  10. K

    Strange observation with primes

    I was just multiplying consecutive prime numbers and i observed this . Let p ,q ,r,s be any four consecutive prime numbers ( in ascending order). Then the following results are observed : 1) Do p*q + r*s = N. Check if N is divisible by 5 or not this is trivial if N is divisible by 5 u will have...
  11. M

    Mathematical Observation

    Mathematical observation is perhaps the study of keen and accurate description of reality based on information received. For example, a camera takes a picture, the flash captures that picture, that picture is viewed through the human eyes, those eyes are visualised by the human brains, that...