1. N

    Is B not a set in Russell Paradox ?

    Does Halmos conclude B is not a set (Page 7 and 11 in Naive Set Theory)? Book Link from google:
  2. L

    Null set paradox

    Paradox: if any member, or lack thereof, in the null (i.e., empty) set is countable, it requires the concept of zero, so it is not truly empty.
  3. P

    The paradox birthday for more than 2 people

    Hello. The paradox of birthday is very well known but refers to at least two people. Then, what is the probability if at least 3 people or n people have the same birthday? Thank you.
  4. B

    Gödel's 2nd theorem ends in paradox

    Godel's 2nd theorem ends in paradox Godel's 2nd theorem is about "If an axiomatic system can be proven to be consistent and complete from within itself, then it is inconsistent.” But we have a paradox Gödel...
  5. P

    Paradox Reduced?

    This ain't your father's decimal notation. The new and improved interpretation of 0.999... (when the 9's go on forever). People often say 0.999... has to be equal to 1 because there is no point between them. I say that is true there is no point between them because they are points next to...
  6. N

    Grandfather paradox solution hypothesis

    Solution for the grandfather paradox — What will happen if a person goes back in time and kills his grandfather before the grandfather was married? This question creates a paradox because if the person eliminates his grandfather then he will not exist in the first place to eliminate his...
  7. A

    Solution to the Two Envelope Paradox

    Statement of the Paradox: Two envelopes exist, one containing $x$ dollars in cash and the other containing $2x$ dollars in cash. You are given one envelope and are told that you may either keep it or swap it for the other envelope. You want to maximize your cash. You have no idea how much...
  8. Z

    Banach-Tarski Paradox

    A flying cow is not a paradox, it is a figment of the imagination, "If I can imagine it, it exists" notwithstanding. An infinite number of points on a line is a figment of the imagination. Real points have size. So unravelling the Banach-Tarski "paradox" is quite easy: Start with a figure...
  9. L

    Volume paradox -- Banach–Tarski

    Can one construct two identical balls from a third, without topological manipulation or deformation, using only decompositions into finite sets and reassemblage? "The reassembly process involves only moving the pieces around and rotating them, without changing their shape. However, the pieces...
  10. M

    The Monty Hall Problem - 3d Simulation

    Hi, (I'm new in this forum and i'm not sure if it's just for questions.. sorry if it does.) Many people don't agree with the monty hall problem solution. I have decided to create a 3d simulation with my blender and python experience to prove the monty hall problem the hardcore way...
  11. Z

    Banach Tarski Paradox

    Banach Tarski paradox is not a paradox because points don't occupy space- they have no size. It takes 2 points to determine a size (measure). Because points don't occupy space (have no size), I can map the points of any ball into the points of any number of balls, of any size, just like I can...
  12. Z


    Any paradox which is the result of incomplete, imprecise, wrong, or circular statements is not a paradox. Unintelligible is redundant. Example: Epimenide's liar "paradox:" I am a liar. I am a liar. T -> I am a liar. F -> I am a liar. T -> I am a liar. F -> ... ... Which is no different than...
  13. Z

    Zeno's Arrow Paradox A moving arrow occupies a unique position at time t (an object can't be in two places at the same time). If t doesn't change, the arrow doesn't move. If t changes and the arrow doesn't move, it is not moving. Contradiction...
  14. C

    Boy or Girl Paradox

    Trying to understand why people say it is 1/3... If I am stating the problem correctly... Mr. Jones has 2 children. At least one of them is a boy. what is the probability that both children are boys? Most explanations I've seen indicate this... BG GB BB e.g. 1/3...
  15. D

    square root function: x intercept paradox?

    Here's my equation: y= sqrt (x+4)+1 I want to find the x intercept. Ok so I replace y with 0 and solve for x 0= √(x+4)+1 -1=√(×+4) (-1)^2=×+4 1=×+4 -3=× So it looks like the x intercept is (-3,0). But then when I go back and plug in -3 in place of x... y=√(-3+4)+1 y=1+1 y=2 I now...
  16. R

    Zeno's paradox

    For those who don't know, Zeno's paradoxes are a set of philosophical problems. The one I looked on where if you halved the distance between your arms which are at first, for example, 2 meters apart, will they ever collide? Which to me seems like mathematically is just halving a value <0 over...
  17. shunya

    Bertrand's paradox

    I don't know if this paradox has been solved or not but it was in logic book, in the chapter on probability. It's a criticism of the classical theory of probability and its basic assumption, the principle of indifference. The paradox is... Imagine a factory that produces square tiles of...
  18. L

    Solve Russell paradox

    the confusion starts of definition of set, subset and element. And the problem desapear not call subset when the set be inside of other set, in this moment him don't be a subset, but is realy a only element of this set. Elements being only propertys of a set, never subset. Aplied, and you...
  19. N

    Prime paradox

    Hello people I have discovered a paradox with prime numbers. You know the formula for finding the distribution of primes with a certain limit log(E)n=the approximate distribution of primes.Well if that limit is ten then that distribution is 2 but if the limit is 100000 then it's elleven. But...
  20. S

    Minus one equals one ( mathematical paradox)

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure whether it's appropriate to call this a "paradox" but anyways. I want you to have a look at this and explain what step isn't right about it : -1 = (-1)^1 = (-1)^2 ^/^2 = ((-1)^2)^1^/^2 = (1)^1^/^2 = 1