1. G

    Generalized Fourier Integral and Steepest descent path, Saddle point near the endpoin

    I am looking forward to solving the integration in the following equation with the assumption that $ka$ is very large \begin{align} H = 2jka\int_{-\pi/2}^{\pi/2}\cos{(\varphi-\phi)}e^{jka[\cos{\varphi}+\cos{(\varphi-\phi)}]}\ d\varphi \end{align} I used the steepest descent path method to...
  2. L

    Academic Guidance Path to Machine Learning

    I am an inexperienced programmer who lacks math skills. I want to be good at machine learning. Knowing that it demands the knowledge of mathematics, I would like to start learning math. Also, as I looked at mathematics differently, I am starting to like it. My math skills: High School...
  3. U

    Hypotenuse path from point A to B

    Hi I'm working on a simpel path for a target in a game. I want the target to diagonally through the hypotenuse since I know the legs. The target as the coordinates of point A, being the start point, and point B, the end point. The target also has a speed on which it should move n amount of...
  4. S

    the quick path

    I have 3 point on a perimeter of circle. How I prove/show between every the two point of them there is always short way that the way between the other points?
  5. M

    Path between 2 graphs

    I have 2 un-direct graphs, A and B. I know that the intersection between A and B is not empty. In detail, suppose that s and d are nodes in A and that b is a node in B. I know that some nodes in I(b) (neighbors of b) and also their edges belong to A, but NOT b. Because I am looking for a path...
  6. L

    Path of 3 bodies in a plane...

    Can an exact solution be found for the trajectories of three point-like particles, of unspecified but nonzero mass, gravitating together but confined to a plane? Can the general three-body problem be solved exactly for any interaction; e.g., by any central force, where one body is a massive...
  7. J

    Show the Annulus is polygonally path connected.

    Hello, I am asked to show that the annulus A(0,r,R) is polygonally path connected. For this question could i just give one specific example where i find points $w,z$in$U$ there are points $z=z_{0},z_{1},...z_{n}$=w where these points are contained inside the annulus? For example i could give a...
  8. J

    Mean free path

    I was reading this wiki article, I don't understand how we can define the mean free path without defining how the particle(s) are confined. Are they in a box? A tube? Are there boundaries?
  9. L

    Algorithm to find highest path in a DAG

    Let it be $G=(V,E)$, a directed acyclic graph. We will define function $h:V\rightarrow R^+$, when h(v) is the height of v. Let it be path $P=(v_1,...,v_k)$. We will also define the **height of a path** $P$ to be the minimal height of a vertex in $P$: $h(P)$=min{$h(v_i):1≤i≤k$}...
  10. Monox D. I-Fly

    [ASK] Parabola-Shaped Comet Path

    The distance of comet d from a Jupiter's moon is determined by the equation d = 47.9t² + 0.03t - 908.7 whereas t is how many hours passed ever since that comet appeared during June, 28^{th} 2001. Determine the date when that comet reaches the moon again. I tried to draw the illlustration as...
  11. W

    Path of Projectile

    Hi guys, Below is my question: The path of a projectile is given by: y=(10x-x^2)/10 where y is height above the ground and x is distance along the ground from the launch point. Assume the ground to be perfectly flat and horizontal. Distances are measured in metres. Find : (i)...
  12. S

    Graph theory, eulerian path

    Hello! I understand that in order for an eulerian path to exist in a given graph, there must be either 0 or 2 vertices with odd degrees (the former resulting in an eulerian cycle). But that this condition is sufficient, i.e. every graph that fulfills this condition contains one or more...
  13. vagulus

    How do you choose your factoring path?

    Hi folks How do I decide which set of factors to take? Consider this pair of examples. I don't know which set of factors I should give as answers. Even worse, I do not know why I should choose that set. Does someone have some nice simple rule of thumb? Thanks
  14. B

    Alternating Current of Gravity - possible path of asteroids orbiting eachother

    sorry duplicate of
  15. B

    Alternating Current of Gravity - possible path of asteroids orbiting eachother

    Every other mass goes up over and down while masses between them go opposite direction and down under and up and continue as a sine wave (or approximation of it?). By using gravity slingshotting (like a spaceship takes some of the moon's energy, lowering it toward earth, to accelerate around...
  16. C

    Starting a new path in Computer Science... but math...

    Hello forum, I'm Jay and soon I'll be embarking on my adventure through a Computer Science course which is being provided to me by my employer and I'm scared shitless. Not because of the computer science part, or the networking, or other such computery things, I've been working in IT for around...
  17. A

    Free Source Code for moments of path integrals of a Stochastic Process

    Now you can download the free C++ source code for the numerical method in this paper that I have attached to the Wilmott thread. Wilmott Forums - Solution of Stochastic Volatility Models using Variance Transition Probabilities and Path Integrals You can download the original paper here...
  18. B

    Calculation of total path length using integration

    Hi guys, I have the following problem related to a porous surface and the flow of material across it. I understand that fluid mechanics would give the ideal answer, but I would like to make an approximation using geometrical means to see if there is a physical basis for an alternative...
  19. M

    Path in graph

    Hello, I have a question about paths in graph. Is there any algorithm that finds the path with a minimal variance between two points? Or any hint how to find an approximate solution? I assume graphs with number of nodes > 1000. Thank you.
  20. W

    Finding the width of a path

    Question is attached. As you might have noticed I have been going through all these problem solving questions since i'm on holidays from school...yes i have decided to do the holidays haha :o just trying to challenge myself! anyway, the answer to this question in the back of the...