1. P

    period find problem

    i was looking at shor's algorithm and had a bright idea, square the numbers rather than multiply by a specific base. this idea however doesn't seem to work. for example, the followng code: def gcd(p,q): if p == 0: return q else: return gcd(q%p,p) N= 97*79 per = 1...
  2. happy21

    Period of a function

    Hi, What will be the period of the function: f(x)=\left ( \sin x \right )^{\circ} Thanks.
  3. happy21

    Period of a function

    Hi, What will be the period of the function: f(x)=\left ( \sin x \right )\h^{\circ} Thanks.
  4. KaiL

    Sampling period of g(k)

    Given the Z transform in the picture , I apply partial fraction and eventually I got this result G(z) = 1 - (35/3)/ (2z-1) + (62/3)/(5z-4) Then I am struck and I am really not sure to how to proceed from here. How do I find the first 3 sampling period for g(k)
  5. T

    How to find if a trigonometric function is even, odd or neither and its period, witho

    I am asked to find whether the functions are odd, even, neither and their period, if they have one, of the following functions: f(x) = sin(x) + cos(x) and f(x) = sin(x)cos(x). I know that even if f(x) = f(-x) and odd if f(-x) = -f(x) but all those fuzzy functions come up like for f(x) =...
  6. D

    Why can't I add the period to find the next two solutions?

    Consider tan(2x) = \sqrt3 for 0 \leq x < 2\pi reference angle x = \tan^{-1}(\sqrt{3}) = \frac{\pi}{3} In the given domain 0 \leq x < 2\pi, the positive ratio of tangent is in quadrants I and III. So the two standard position angles in this interval are 2x = \frac{\pi}{3} and \frac{4\pi}{3}...
  7. I

    Please help solving Kepler's orbital period equation

    From Kepler's orbital period equation: T = 2π√r^3/GM does r = 2π/T√GM?
  8. I

    Please help solving Kepler's orbital period equation

    From Kepler's orbital period equation: T = 2π√r^3/GM does r = 2π/T√GM?
  9. szz

    Fundamental period of a composite function

    Hi all, I am a little bit confused about determining the fundamental period of a function: x(t) = \cos\left({2 \pi t\over \sqrt{5}}\right) + 7\sin\left({3\pi t\over\sqrt{125}}\right ) I solve it as follows: \begin{aligned} & {2\pi \over {{2 \pi t\over \sqrt{5}}}} = \sqrt{5}\\ & {2\pi \over...
  10. M

    Conjecture on period Fibonacci number mod 2^k

    The period of a Fibonacci number, F_n\pmod{2^k}, is equal to 3 ( 2^{k-1}). For example, the period of F_n\pmod{2^1} is equal to 3(2^0). The period of F_n\pmod{2^2} is equal to 3(2^1). The period of F_n\pmod{2^3} is equal to 3(2^2). I can't wrap my head around why this is so.
  11. Mr Davis 97

    Trig problem involving period and shift

    There exists a graph of sin with the period being equal to \frac{3\pi }{2}. Given the general equation h(x) = sin(px + q), find all possible values of p and q. If anyone can solve this, I encourage them to show me how step-by-step, as I am not exactly sure how to solve it.
  12. R

    Sum of Sin and Cos with equal period

    My teacher says that something like a*\sin(b*x)+c*\cos(b*x) can be rewritten as D*\sin(bx+e) if found that D=\sqrt{a^2+b^2} And e? With some trial and error, I found that e is almost equal to (\pi/4) in my example a*\sin(2x)+b*\cos(2x)=\sqrt{a^2+b^2}*\sin(2x+e)
  13. J

    Moving from a stable fixed point to a stable period 2 point

    I have a question which asks: At which positive value of b does the quadratic 0.5x^2+bx+2.65 move from having a stable fixed point to having a stable period 2 point? How do I go about solving this, and questions similar to it?
  14. B

    period difference over changing frequency

    Hello...I have joined in the hope that someone can point me at the right approach to this programming problem I have. I'm fairly sure integration/differentiation is the solution, but that is the point at which my mathematical education left me bewildered! I am calculating the frequency of a...
  15. N

    Formula for computing accured amount with period deposits

    Hi, Does anyone know the formula for computing the accumulated amount of money that a known interest rate, a known number of periods that the interest is compounded, and a known amount of regular deposits that are made during those periods? IN other words, if there are 30 periods, there would...
  16. J

    Period and Amplitude for a trig word problem.

    I'm not that great at math, but for the most part, I can get by in my Pre-Calc class which is a required part of my core curriculum here at my school. However, I'm having a bit of trouble with this word problem. A pull cord for a lighted ceiling fan is swinging back and forth. The end of the...
  17. B

    Allocation of a single value over a period of weeks

    I'm a bit over my head here (understatement!) - but have a math problem that I've been searching for an answer for, but haven't been able to solve. I have a single numeric value (dollars) that I need to allocate over a period of weeks. I need to be able to allocate these dollars three ways...
  18. D

    Is the period wrong in my equation?

    The pedals of an exercise bicycle are mounted on a bracket that is 30cm above the floor. Each pedal is 18cm from the centre of the bracket. A person pedals at 60 rotations/min. Determine a cosine function that models the height of a pedal above the floor h in centimeters as a function of time...
  19. L

    Period of sine

    Hello! I have to draw a sine between two points in Euclidean space. I can calculate the non-linear distance between them and then I want draw a sine with the specified length. The problem is how can I find period or/and height for this sine? example: height is 4 period is 5/2...
  20. I

    [req]Fourier series of sin(wt) in period of [(Pi/2)-(Pi/q)..

    Hi friends i want to prove this ... 813461.png in period of [(Pi/2)-(Pi/q) _ (Pi/2)-(Pi/q)] what i have tried ... 757095.png ... 709232.png...