1. P

    challenge for the physics community

    I have yet to see a valid picture of warped spacetime; left to right, top to bottom, back to front, before and after; uniformly distributed toward the earth. Then explain in layman's terms how you achieve an orbit with that.
  2. L

    Advice on mathematical and physical sources & dictionaries with th indexes (filters)

    Could you recommend some resources or dictionaries on mathematics and physics with thematic indexing of words, such as the Compendium of Chemistry Terminology (a.k.a. the IUPAC Gold Book)?
  3. G

    How to solve this block physics problem?

    A block of mass 10kg rests on a horizontal floor. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81m/s^{2}. The coefficient of static friction between the floor and the block is 0.2. A horizontal force of 10N is applied on the block as shown in the figure. The magnitude force of friction (in N) on the...
  4. H

    Nuclear physics

    If a nuclear power plant was producing 350x10^6 watts of power before an explosion happened, calculate the amount of energy it was producing every 5 minutes. My thinking so far to the answer is p=E/t= E=pxt 350x10^6x300= 21GJ
  5. H


    Can I post a question about a nuclear equation on the physics thread?
  6. R

    Looking for something like Penner's Easing Functions, but for larger sets of data

    Hey all, I work in CG, I'm a technical director (I help build tools that facilitate the work of animators in 3D animated productions, VFX and the like). We work with keyframes a lot, where we store the transforms of certain objects and parts of characters over time. These keys are represented...
  7. R

    Physics made easy, the concept of work through visual examples

    Hi everyone, For those interested, here is a new video on the concept of work with visual examples of forces that do work and forces that don’t. In my videos I try to explain physics in a clear and simple manner, if you find physics difficult or you are a physics enthusiast, check them out...
  8. R

    Physics Myth or Reality?

    Hi everyone, if you would like to take a look here is my take of a still unsettled Physics question, has anyone successfully performed the experiment? TAFSJeN8dZM
  9. P

    Physics and Math

    What terms in math is used in physics?
  10. L

    Has data on physics soared?

    It seems to me that in the past twenty years its "subfields" have multiplied the information available on physics several-fold, due to input from China, specialization in the West, micro/macro research and computer-based studies. Do you think my observations pan out?
  11. P

    Help to solve

    An acrobatic airplane performs a loop at an airshow. The centripetal acceleration the plane experiences is 14.7 m/s2. If it takes the pilot 45.0 seconds to complete the loop, what is the radius of the loop? Just waiting for answer as well :unsure:
  12. awholenumber

    About the math involved in some physics equations ?

    I have some questions about the kind of math involved in some physics equations . Someone said many physics equations involve Ordinary and Partial differential equations What sort of Ordinary or Partial differential equations are involved in Maxwell equations and Schrodinger equations ...
  13. D

    The physics of bags

    Hello, I would like to describe a physics of the bags, but if that already exists there is no need to reinvent the hot water. Indeed, to base his theory on logic is dangerous, because it is dead or doomed to die, not in a long time. The physics of the bags is an analog of ZFC, but...
  14. awholenumber

    Is this also a good physics book?

    Why I ask is because it has a lot of equations in it with illustrations. An example. This book. :ninja:
  15. A

    Topology for a Physics student

    I am interested in exploring topology, however, am not sure where to start. I am a physics student going from first to second year. Could anyone suggest any introductory books appropriate for my mathematics, or if topology in itself is too complex to start, any books that give the prerequisites...
  16. idontknow

    Physics about Consciousness

    Can quantum operation explain consciousness ? Is there any lecture of Quantum Physics about consciousness ? - Post your lecture - !
  17. I

    Simulation inspired by theoretical physics

    What's so special about higher dimensions? I did some youtube research and didn't find a lot of information. All I found is that beyond 5 dimensions all dimensions have only 3 platonic solids. I've got this simulation I'm working on. I don't want to go into detail for obvious reasons but so...
  18. J

    Philosophy of Physics

    Do electrons exist or are they just models to explain physical phenomena?
  19. idontknow

    Physics Evasiveness

    Time is continued progress of existence and if time moves then what is the speed(velocity) of time ?:dance: