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    hi everyone, i am currently doing a degree in mechanical engineering and i am currently struggling with an assignment. Basically we did an experiment where a roller disc was rolled down 2 rails and we had to calculate how long it takes to get from one end to the other, it was raised at 10cm...
  2. T

    Is our maths really correct?

    Is our maths correct and what does 1+1 add up to? I had a walk in the park today and had some thoughts which I would like to share with other people. I have limited training in maths but read physics causally for fun and I regard myself as a self-trained philosopher. In this article I would...
  3. V

    Kinematics Physics Question

    A lifeguard who can swim at 1.2 m/s in still water wants to reach a dock positioned perpendicularly directly across a 550 m wide river. a) If the current in the river is 0.80 m/s, how long will it take the lifeguard to reach the dock? b) If instead she had decided to swim in such a way that...
  4. SenatorArmstrong

    Physics problem involving force and motion

    I have been getting a decent handle on the material I have been currently studying, but this question has completely stomped me. I keep thinking I am getting onto something, but that just leads to the wrong solution or a unreasonable solution. Here is the question: A cart with a vertical...
  5. SenatorArmstrong

    Academic Guidance Nervous before Physics and Math exams

    Hello. I get super nervous before Calculus and Physics exams despite these being my favorite subjects. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with nerves before an exam?
  6. A

    Physics IB

    I haven't understood the Newton principles. How can I understand them? I have a photo which shows us the forces and the tension force. How can I understand the moves of these forces on a horizontal plane? Is there a way I can understand them? I lack imagination and I don't know how to explain...
  7. L

    Is physics a subset of math?

    The critical distinction I see is physical measurement mostly requiring uncertainty. Math can formulate uncertainty, or exclude it entirely.
  8. P

    physics calculation, help me please!

    A car starts a curve with speed 50km / h. This curve is an arc of circumference with radius of 10 m. If it takes 10 seconds to describe this curve, and is a constant acceleration of 0.8 m / s, calculate: a) the angular velocity curve beginning and at the end thereof; b) Distance traveled...
  9. S

    Physics Regents is gonna hurt...

    How does one do this??? Number 13
  10. M

    list all physics school practical

    Hello, I have forgot the practical are done in school physics and mathematics? Please tell all.
  11. I

    Physics Grad Stumped By A 12 Year Old's Math Problem

    I am a little embarrassed that I have been unable to answer this question from my 12 year old son's Maths exam paper. I felt it was too tough for a 12 year old. Can anyone solve it? Erdos runs a Maths Club. Each time they meet, they each drink a pint of coffee with milk. The amounts of...
  12. U

    Matrix DE (contact resolution in physics engine)

    This is all in 2-space. I'm trying to make a physics engine for simple concave polygons. Once I have found the area where two polygons overlap, represented by another polygon, I need to know by how much I need to 'rewind time', that is, at what point in time they first collided. I imagine that I...
  13. C

    math for undergraduate physics

    I'm more of a physics person, but i am also interested in the mathematics. Currently, I am in 11th grade and have finish Calc I to III and and an introduction to Linear Algebra course. What i am interested in is a good solid review of Geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and less importantly (to me...
  14. G

    Discrepancies in particles physics versus quantum physics

    Hello, When a Tesla coil is interacting with the air, "The high electric field causes the air around the high voltage terminal to ionize and conduct electricity...(Wikipedia - Tesla coil). What is the possibility of making up discrepancies in particle physics by studying the particles in an...
  15. G

    Physics Circular Motion

    I've a doubt. Q. A Particle is moving in a unit circle. If the instantaneous velocity of particle is v=2i-2j , then in which quadrant particle is moving and the direction of particle is clockwise or anticlockwise?
  16. SenatorArmstrong

    Academic Guidance Jobs in mathematics

    Hey everyone. I'm still in the baby steps of math, but I really do enjoy it. I'm currently a freshman working on earning a mechanical engineering degree. But I often ponder what it would be like if I double majored in Physics and Applied Mathematics. Would I struggle finding a job after...
  17. P

    Greetings Mathematical Physics Fans, from Phoenix, Arizona

    I derived a physics based equation for the proton to electron mass ratio which is so accurate, it confirms the resolution of the proton radius puzzle by Nassim Haramein. I posted it over in:
  18. K

    Help on physics project ideas?!

    I am stumped and I cannot think of any possible experiments that fits the criteria. The requirements are: -A 10-hour experiment -Rigorous and challenging enough for IB-level Physics (A basic college level) I tried asking my teacher to do newton's cradle, but she said that it would not...
  19. H

    Sum or equation with all Mathematical and or Physics symbols?

    Hello My Math Forum, in schools around the world there are Periodic tables which students look at for Science class. I was thinking about a similar poster for maths where they could see every symbol in action, and around the sides maybe a short description for each. If not all symbols then...
  20. V

    Where does Physics go next?

    I've just come across this rather interesting TED talk on particle physics. The subject is "have we reached the end of physics?" and Harry Cliff talks about what we need to find if we are to determine that the universe is the way that it is for a reason, or conversely, if it is the way that...