1. L

    Physics Problem Using Trigonometry

    A plane flies due north (90° from east) w/ a velocity of 110 km/h for 3 hours. A steady wind blows southeast at 35 km/h at an angle of 320 degrees from due east during this time. After 3 hours, where will the plane’s position be relative to its starting point? I'm having trouble getting...
  2. M

    Help with Resistivity question?

    Pure unstressed platinum wire is the preferred material for making a precision temperature sensor. The density of platinum is 21.45*10^3 kgm^-3 and platinum is about £10,000kg^-1. A standard in common use says that a sensor must have a resistance of 100Ω at 0°C. The resistivity of platinum...
  3. A

    Academic Guidance Physics+maths+career change = fear+stress^2?

    Hi guys, I'm going to begin my physics/maths bachelor in three weeks' time. I'm approaching my thirties and am actually switching careers now (in fact, I have an artistical background). In practice, this means I had a ten-year break from mathematics, plus I used to hate it in school. As an...
  4. F

    Hello My Math Forum community!

    Hello everybody, I already have been in this community couple of years ago, asking questions about number theory :) I am very glad to be back here. Currently I am into physics. I am learning new stuff and having fun asking/answering questions on Q&A websites and forums. Also I write physics...
  5. C

    Fermat & Physics

    Probably FERMAT discover the most important rule for our Universe: Our universe exists because the FLT equation has integer solutions just when it's of 2nd degree. This allow "smooth" relations between atoms, (gas, solids, etc...) in general what we call source/trap, since once at integer (or...
  6. R

    Advance physics please help.

    what will be the relative speed? A point is marked on a block of mass m, tied with a spring constant k. The block performs shm with amplitude a in front of a plane mirror placed as in figure. What will be the maximum speed of the point relative to its image? I have attached a picture of the...
  7. R

    \$\$\$ entrance exam level \$\$\$

    A pendulum has time period T for small oscillations. An obstacle P is situated below the point of suspension O at a distance 3L/4 (from the top). The pendulum is released from rest. Throughout the motion, the moving string makes a small angle with the vertical. Time after which the pendulum...
  8. CLove

    Relearning Mathematics for Physics Major

    Hi there, I am returning to college at age 42 to major in Physics and minor in Mathematics. I'm relearning mathematics from the Algebraic base to completely Master the language. I would appreciate any advice or guidance. Feel free to reach out to me: Email: [email protected]
  9. J

    Working Some Physics, Stuck on Algebra

    I'm working on laser physics, specifically steady state inversion and I can't get past this one algebra part... Here are what is known: N_1 = R_1T_1 + R_2T_2A_{21}T_1 N_2 = R_2T_2 These two equations are inserted into N_2/g_2 > N_1/g_1 When the values for N_1 and N_2 are substituted...
  10. T

    mathematical physics

    How did Hilbert used quadratic forms to solve the second type integral equation?
  11. T

    mathematical physics

    Hilbert's work on infinite dim spaces what is so special about the quadratic form so...
  12. H

    Physics Help? How fast is the bar dropping?

    A moving rod has a resistance of 0.25 ohms and moves on rails 20.0 cm apart. The stationary U-shaped conductor has negligible resistance. When a force of 0.350 N is applied to the rod, it moves to the right at a constant speed of 1.50 m/s. What is the magnetic field? (I know how to find this...
  13. R

    polynominals spline method in physics worth

    Dear Friend Community How is worth of polynominals methods in physics worth on scalable and spline . which speed up 4 rows old method ? How can i estimate it ? Where can i sell it ? How can i sell it ?
  14. L

    The force unifying of Physics

    Gentlemens, The nature of Time not yet understood, far away from me, think understood him complete nature, but I discovery something interesting, and I like to share with you. Not know much think, but we know what time flows, It's in forward. So, we know one think, him in movement, not...
  15. R

    earn money in Physics

    Dear Community Very kindly pleasant about information, how can I earn money on physics formulas?
  16. T

    Thomas Anderson - Journey to the big examinations.

    Hi everyone. I am happy to of found this maths website where everyone is happy to share the beautiful language of mathematics, the language of the universe.. A brief introduction of myself would be different than most. I am 20 years old, from Dublin the capital of Ireland and am the only child...
  17. szz

    Basic physics problems on speed and acceleration

    I have to solve a problem for which I don't have the final solution. I would like to know if my resolution is correct, and understand where I am wrong, if so. Statement: An object is moving with a velocity: v(t) = 200t\text{e}^{-t} - 10t^2 -40\quad{\text{km/h}} where t is the time given in...
  18. C

    Fermat in physics

    Hi as told some month ago I'm looking for a differential equation that prove what I've in mind, so that n>=3 no way since the derivate of x^n is a curve... I hope I can I post here my 3 rocks Fermat trick... On the first (unreal) planet there is no atmosphere, and a costant (unknown) "g"...
  19. T

    I need V on the other side of the equation

    ∆y = v(sinθ)(∆x/v(cosθ)) + ½(a)(∆x/v(cosθ))^2 I've tried many times to to get v by itself but when I check the equation with the values I know I always get the wrong answer. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. I

    Guide to mathematical physics

    Currently, I am a graduate student specializing in algebraic geometry. On the other hand, I have also become extremely interested in the mathematical physics. However, I am not sure what steps I should take to get to the modern frontiers of mathematical physics research. My mathematical...