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    Hard physics problem

    Pic : The rider stands on the platform behind the handle bars that controls the forward and backward motion of the vehicle by shifting his/her center of gravity forward and backward. The motor inside the base of the vehicle constantly...
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    need help proving this physics literal equation

    A ball is thrown straight upward with a speed v from a point h meters above the ground. Show that the time taken for the ball to strike the ground is (v/g)[1 + sqrt {1 + (2hg/v^2)}] i need to use these equations 1) s = V_a_vt 2) V_a_v = \frac{V_f + V_i}{2} 3) a = \frac{V_f - V_i}{t} 4)...
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    physics question dealing with uniformly accelerated motion

    A World Series batter hits a home run ball with a velocity of 40 m/s at an angle of 26 degrees above the horizontal. A fielder who can reach 3.0 m above the ground is backed up against the bleacher wall, which is 110 m from home plate. The ball was 120 cm above the ground when hit. How high...
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    Interesting Physics issue (acceleration)

    Hey everyone. I'm working on a project that will incorporate a wireless accelerometer on a model rollercoaster. My issue is that we wish to take the accelerometer data and integrate it to give us our velocity through any part of the ride. This in turn will help us determine losses, etc. My issue...
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    Percentage of physics are mathematics

    I asked this on other forum, but let me ask here again. What percentage of physics are made up of mathematics? This one guy on that forum told me that it was 100%. Is it true?
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    I noticed that these days physics problems are posted alot in this forum. There is physics section in, so if you guys want to post physics stuff, post there. For example, velocity and speed stuff are physics, just using math equations to kinda describe it. But, please post the...
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    Equations in physics

    I am in physics class, and I have feeling that almost every equations used in the field of physics are "approximations", not "exact". Is this true?
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    Mathematics vs. Physics

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    Physics: Circular Motion

    1. A carnival clown rides a motorcycle down a ramp and around a "loop-the-loop." If the loop has the radius of 18m, what is the slowest speed the rider can have at the top of the loop to avoid falling? (Hint: At the slowest speed, at the top of the loop, the track does not exert force on the...
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    physics problem

    a railcart moves along a railway at constant velocity v_0 with a ball attached to its ceiling. at t=0 the ball is drooped from the ceiling and at the same time the railcart breaks are pushed creating deceleration such that its velocity is: v=v_0e^(-pt) h is the distance between the ceiling and...
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    challenging physics question

    Derive an equation for u(mew), given Fa=3mg and the mass is moving at a constant speed. (ANS:1/2tan theta)
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    Physics & Chemistry

    I have feeling that physics has a little more maths then chemistry does. Is it true?
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    Is physics all about mathematic skills, or are there some other required skills to know physics? Well, the reason that I'm asking, is that currently, math and computers are my two favorite subjects. I'm very curious about studying both computers and physics for my job, but I don't know if...
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    physics - mechanics

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    Physics Homework

    Objects in free fall near the surface of the Earth have a constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s². (Here are some of the questions that was included in my homework) 1. A stone dropped from the top of a building strikes the ground in 4.2 seconds. How tall is the building? 2. A bomb dropped from an...
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    Physics Bowl

    Any high schoolers here take the Physics Bowl examination? What did you think of the test?