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    How can a frame with just one point be reflexive or transitive?(modal logic))

    How can in modal logic a frame with just one point be reflexive or transitive?
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    Computer program to check a floating or decimal point palindrome number.

    Reference : https://www.programmingsimplified.com/c/source-code/c-program-palindrome-number Write a computer program to check whether a floating or decimal point number is a palindrome? Example Input : 45.54 Output : 45.54 The inputted number is a floating or decimal point...
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    Dictionary of all floating or decimal point palindromes.

    Can we have dictionary of all floating or decimal point palindromes? Examples : 1.1,2.2,3.3,4.4,5.5,6.6,7.7,8.8,9.9,11.11,12.21,45.54,99.99 etc Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Reverse of a floating or decimal point number

    Reference : https://www.programmingsimplified.com/c/source-code/c-program-reverse-number Is it possible to write a computer program which will reverse a decimal or floating point number? Example : 341.54 Output : 45.143 Do we have to just change the data type to float or double instead of...
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    Cost, Revenue, & Breaking Point

    Hello, This is the first time I have had these types of problems, and I am kinda lost. If anyone could point me in the right direction with them it would be greatly appreciated. I attached pictures of the problems I am having trouble with. I know how to find the cost function...
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    Does the point lie on the given curve r(t) ?

    Hello Math Community, My question is whether the point lie on the given line r(T) or not. I have attached my question and work. Is my method correct? if not what should be the steps I should do? thanks ∞
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    Simplifying intersection point of lines with parameters

    I'm kind of lost on simplifying this formula: \frac{u+\lambda*\cos(\epsilon + \alpha)}{\cos(\epsilon)}- \frac{v+\lambda*\sin(\epsilon + \alpha)}{\sin(\epsilon)}= 0 I'm no math-student, just trying to play around with interference patterns, anyways... I try to figure out what \lambda is...
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    Formula for this point distrubution on a sphere?

    sphere A series of points are plotted on a unit radius sphere with its center at the origin of the coordinate system, see image. Points on XY and XZ planes (marked yellow) are created so that horizontal points coordinates in spherical system (r,fi,theta) are (1, n*A, 0) and vertical are (1, 0...
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    Generate a point to the left side of the direction between two points

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a Traffic Simulator for my bachelor thesis. But, I have a problem, I don't know how to keep the correct band of road for every car, all my cars are on the same band of road. I am thinking about the direction between two points and the car will be at the right side...
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    Finding A Point Which Is Equidistant From Given Points

    Hello my dears, I have 13 distinct points with known coordinates. Is it possible to find a point which is equidistant from the 13 known points?
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    How can I make lines of equal lengths to all directions from a central point?

    I made a problem in my mind that I can't seem to solve. I need an answer because it is quite fundamental to me, because it is about the expansion of things like the universe. This is the problem; I can't understand how to make lines of equal lengths to all directions from a central point. I...
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    Given a velocity vector and a point, find the angle (urgent)

    Hello! So I am doing this vectors as velocity question and I need help solving it. Basically, James Bond is driving 70.9km/h [N] and launches himself off a cliff. A helicopter is waiting for him 20m North and 15m West from him (at the same elevation). If a large gust of wind travelling 54km/h...
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    Determining Plate direction by having three point of it.

    Hi all, Can anyone help to solve this problem? Imagine a big plate suspended in the air through three threads with different length. we know length of each individual thread, and they are 120 degree apart from each other. How cam we calculate the tilt of the plate and direction of the...
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    Calculate third point from 2 points and an angle

    I'm having a hard time putting together a formula. I have 2 points (x0, y0) and (x1, y1) and an angle (k). Using this information I need to calculate a third point that is k degrees from the previous 2 points. The problem is something like this: https://servimg.com/view/19866823/2 Is it...
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    Analytic of point

    If the area of triangle ABC with the vertices A(3,1) B(-1,-2) and C(m,1) is five square units find the possible values of m?
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    Neighbourhood of point

    In this Wiki article, a neighbourhood of a point in a topological space is defined, where a topological space is a set of points with each point having a set of neighbourhoods. I don't get it.. which comes first? The definition of neighbourhood or the space? Also, the book I'm reading...
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    Equation for a _________ curve perpendicular to a line at a given point on the line

    Hi, I'm not sure whether calculus is the right thing for this, but I believe it is. I only have a loose memory of it from high school - 10 years ago, but I am nearly certain this is possible. Practically, my project starts with the idea of a triangle, and the idea is to bow out (or pinch in)...
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    ordinate of point

    1.I have a line in plane given with the coefficients k = 1.5 and n = 3. I need to find the ordinate of point if abscissa is 1. And I really don't know how :spin: 2.On the picture below I need to find xB' and yB'. It would be: xB' = xB+ BB'*cos(beta) yB' = yB +BB'*sin(beta) BB' is...
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    The equation of all parabolas given a vertex and a point

    "Find the equation of all parabolas having vertex (-2, -3), passing through (2, 1), and whose directrix is horizontal or vertical." How do you find the one equation that would satisfy the given information? My method of solving left me with 2 equations (one for each of the vertical and...
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    Neighbourhood of a point

    Neighbourhood : A subset N of R is a neighbourhood of a point p if \exists \epsilon > 0 such that (x- \epsilon, x+\epsilon) \subset N Q : A set which is a neighbourhood of all its points except $n$ points (n \geq 1). Can this set be an Interval ? A : The set (0,1) \cup {$1,2,...,n$}...