1. G

    Need help calculating coordinates for a tangent point.

    So let's say I know coordinates for D (-10171.62, 490.26) angle at that point is 75.52. Also, line EF is a section of a line that starts at -10249, 0 and ends at -10094.8, 7615.2. How do I find the coordinates for A? BTW, the angle at A is 91.16
  2. P

    Subgroups driving percentage point changes

    I am tracking a percentage score for a population through time. I am interested in knowing which subgroups are driving any percentage point changes that I witness. Given that I know the sizes and percentages for each individual subgroup (that may or may not be mutually exclusive), is there a way...
  3. SenatorArmstrong

    Critical point

    Hello. I am stuck on a problem where I need to find the critical point. My work is attached to this thread. The function is z = yx^5 + xy^5 + xy. My plan of attack was to find the partial derivatives. Also the 2nd partial derivatives. I then would use a determinant to find a value D. While...
  4. A

    LTI Impulse Response Estimation with Point Process Input

    Hello, I am trying to estimate transfer function of unknown LTI system, given output and assumed input as point process. I have measurement of output, while input, which is assumed to be point process, could be created synthetically using known times and amplitudes. My questions: 1...
  5. D

    Point of intersection coordinates (Diff)

    Hi, I'm revising for an upcoming calculus test and have a differentiation problem. A curve y=x^2 + x + 3 and line y = 2x + 5 are on a graph diagram (not to scale). I need to find the co ordinates for each two points of intersection on the graph. I'm not sure whether I'd use the turning points...
  6. R

    Two point boundary problem - Shooting method

    I'm currently trying to solve the following two-point boundary problem by means of the shooting method: To clarify, I'm investigating the optimal route of aerial/marine vehicles from one point to another point, considering a flow field. * The starting and ending locations are set as x0, y0...
  7. B

    rate of angular momentum of a point

    Hi, Does anyone know how to calculate the rate of angular momentum of a point,Q? Google is not helping me right now. Thanks
  8. S

    Please clarify the final step of this proof (inflection point)

    Here is the solution to proving the inflection point of y=xsinx lies on the curve y^2(x^2+4)=4x^2 y'' 2cosx - xsinx = 0 xsinx=2cosx (hereafter all are x's are x sub zero) inflection point of the curve (x, 2cos x) Prove (x,2cosx) lies on the curve y^2(x^2+4)=4x^2...
  9. C

    Can anyone point me in the right direction with a stats problem please?

    I have a problem remembering the right maths to use for a technical problem I am trying to solve. Is there anyone here that can point me in the right direction please? Here is the problem; Let's say there is a population of 1,000,000 people. Within this population, I want to know what...
  10. Z

    Point Set Geometry

    Points don't create geometry. Geometry creates points.
  11. W

    Determine a point on f(x)

    I'm stuck with my homework, Who can help me with it? Given is the function : f(x)= (x-2)^2(x+1) Asked: Solve for x in: 0< f(x) <4 I understand what it says, but I do not know how I should handle this. Who can tell me? I can probably work it out by myself.
  12. I

    Solve for The Breakeven Point

    A company has a cost equation of c = 1.025x^2 − 4x + 20 and a profit equation of p = negative-2.125x^2 + 6x + 40. Solve for the breakeven point. Show your work and explain the steps you used to solve. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. I have never done a problem like this in Algebra...
  13. P

    Finding the Critical point

    Consider the following function. g(x, y)  =  e− 8x^2 − 6y^2 + 24 y (a) Find the critical point of g. (b) Using your critical point in (a), find the value of D(a, b) from the Second Partials test that is used to classify the critical point. (c) Use the Second Partials...
  14. M

    fixed point

    Hi I have a topological problem that bothers me. :) Let D be the closed disk on the plane. Let A be the plane continuum that does not separate the plane and let A be contained in interior of D. Let f:A ->A be a continuous function and let g: D->D be also continuous function such that g|A = f. So...
  15. Frankenstein2

    How to calculate the 'VALUE' of a point on a circle?

    The value of point A = 2 @ 0 degrees The value of point B = 6 @ 180 degrees How to calculate the value of point C = ? @ 120 degrees I have a computer program that returns point C = 4.57735 Can anyone PLEASE show me this math using calculator functions? Thank you so much for any help!
  16. J

    Prove limit point set is closed

    Hi for this question my idea is too show that by the bolzano-waeirstrass theorem that there exists a convergent subsequence in the limitset Xnk that tends to Max{lim} so that subsequence converges to an element which is belongs to the limit point set.
  17. S

    Distance between point and plane

    I would be greatful if anyone show me how to get the result.
  18. S

    Predictive modelling and understanding how important your last data point is

    Hi all. Using this as a simple example – There is a fairly basically computer game called Mr Jump. The aim of the game is to complete the level by finishing the course. Your game performance is measured in percentage terms, if you complete the level you get to 100%. If you “die”...
  19. D

    Distance from a Point to Two Sets

    Show that if A and B are open sets in R^n, then {x in R^n| d(x, A) < d(x, B)} is open.
  20. M

    limit point

    A is a group,A' is the group that containts all the limit point of A. i have to prove A is closed.