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    binomial expansion of (1+x)^n for values of n that are not positive integers

    I don't understand what the valid when x<1 means , can somebody explain to me please?
  2. M

    Area enclosed by a function containing two power towers

    Area enclosed by a function containing two power towers: ()=(−ln(↑↑(2)))↑↑(2+1) https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/3437880/area-enclosed-by-a-function-containing-two-power-towers-fx-−-lnx↑↑2k↑↑ Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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    The power of a derivative in real life application - example

    Hello friends. I'd like to share this educational video of my authorship about derivatives in real life applications. The video has English captions, so I'd really appreciate your comments. ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFnaoAWDNFw
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    Negative exponent to a power

    A practice test I'm using to study has a question that raises a fraction to a negative exponent which is also raise to a (positive) exponent. To me, the simple answer would be: (1/4)^-4^2 = (4^-1)^16 but the book says the 16 is negative. Any reason why this is? The book only gives what...
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    Brain power or Staying power?

    When it comes to math, students need to work on staying power, not brain power, since mastering math takes patience and persistence. I think math students need to develop stamina for solving math problems. What do you think? Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
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    Proof for this power limit without differentiation

    https://ibb.co/WVC8BgJ I am stuck at the last step and I don't know how to go on.Can someone help me?What do I do from the last step?
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    Definition of Formal power series in m indeterminates over R

    I could not understrand the following definition for formal power series over $m$ indeterminates, over the commutative ring $R$: *I do understand:* We set $R[\![X_{1},...,X_{m}]\!]:=(R^{(\mathbb{N}^{m})},+,.)$, where $+$ and $.$ are as in: $(p+q)_{\alpha}:=p_{\alpha}+q_{\alpha}$...
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    What is the relation between 0^0 and limx^x?

    Since we can not divide with zero, the equation below is true for every x except zero. 1 = \frac{x^1}{x^1} = x^{1-1} = x^0 Using limits we can see that 0^0 is actually getting close to 1. lim_{x \to 0} x^x = 1 Does this say anything?
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    Total Power in 3 phase system.

    Hi All, How do I calculate the total power by a 3 phase electrical supply when the rms input voltage = 350v? The power is delivered along a wire with a resistance of 0.170 ohm. Am I correct in saying V^2 / R = P = 720588.2353. MW megawatts answer. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    How to calculate interest % per year? (using POWER in EXCEL)

    I'm trying to calculate the interest per year in MS Excel using the POWER() function, but don't quite understand how to calculate it. Sorry the forum is formatting my writing strangely... Lets say I have So, that means the INTEREST (%) per YEAR should be 100% (as the profit is 100% what was...
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    binomial exp for non-integer power

    the expansion of (1+x)^n where n is an irrational number. Is this state is true: (1+x)^n = 1 + nx +1/2 n(n-1) x^2 + ...... i.e is it right that (1+x)^root(3) = 1 + root(3)x + 1/2 root(3) ( root(3)-1)x^2 + .....
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    To clear the confusion between energy and power

    Hi everyone, for those interested, here is a video clearly explaining the often confusing difference between energy and power. Some people seem to like this format of videos, some not, please let me know if you have any comment. YXylw8pA_CQ
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    power grid

    what is working of power grid?
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    how meanwell power supply work

    ritesh kakkar hello how meanwell power supply work 5v 24v 220v
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    how to get job in power transmission of india

    hello how to get power transmision in india
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    What power electronics is used in Locotive?

    Hello what power electronics is used in train like there is what type of ac motor that drive engine?
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    Power Formula

    Power Formula for A=$\begin{pmatrix} \Lambda & 1 & 0\\ 0 & \Lambda & 1\\ 0 & 0 & 1 \end{pmatrix}^n$
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    Axiom of Computable Power Set

    I'm guessing something like this already exists or has been proposed and I'm simply not aware, but I am wondering what the consequences would be and am inclined to spark general discussion. Most are familiar with the power set axiom, as it is one of the basic axioms of ZFC set theory...
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    Pointwise, total convergence, and sum of a (power?) sequence

    Hi guys... I seriously cannot help myself solving this problem: \sum_1^\infty n^{2}e^{-nx^2-nx} (I'm not that good writing formulas but "n=1" and "+inf" are the sub and the sup) So I was asked to evaluate the pointwise and the total convergence of this sequence and find the sum. I have...
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    Integrating Power of function without expanding it

    How do we integrate (2x-3)^3 without expanding it fully? Answer is given as (1/8)*(2x-4)^4+c. I have no idea how to get it. Can you please help?