1. C

    Polynomial Division Problem

    Polynomial Division Problem Calculate the following and state the remainder: 2x^3+x^2-22x+20 divided by 2x-3 Thanks!
  2. T

    How to do this problem??

    Express [∑(n) (k=1) [3(1+4k/n)]*(4/n)] as a closed form (your answer will be in terms of n).
  3. idontknow

    Triangle problem

    Given triangle with lengths a,b,c , prove that the sum of two random chosen lengths is larger than the other length.
  4. P

    period find problem

    i was looking at shor's algorithm and had a bright idea, square the numbers rather than multiply by a specific base. this idea however doesn't seem to work. for example, the followng code: def gcd(p,q): if p == 0: return q else: return gcd(q%p,p) N= 97*79 per = 1...
  5. G

    Circular track problem.

    Circular track: Both are in same direction. A = 3m/sec, B = 1 m/sec. Circumference of track = 100m. What is the time taken by A & B to reach starting point for first time?
  6. U

    vector problem

    Hi all, Please take a look at the attached image of the problem and if someone could explain where the indicated value came from that would be so very helpful. I got everything but not quite sure why the sqrt2 was inserted towards the end.
  7. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 3:

    Pentagon $ABCDE$ is inscribed in a circle. $AB \parallel EC$, $AE \parallel BD$. $AD \cap EC \equiv G$, $BD \cap EC \equiv F$ and $AC \cap BD \equiv H$. Prove that the area of $AGFH$ is equal to the sum of the areas of $DEG$ and $BCH$. --------
  8. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 2:

    $T$ is the middle point of the segment $AB$ of the convex quadrilateral $ABCD$. The circle $\omega$, through points $C,D,T$, is tangent to $AB$. $K$ and $L$ are the intersection points of $AD$ and $BC$ respectively with $\omega$. $M$ and $N$ are the intersection points of $AC$ and $BD$...
  9. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 1:

    A circle circumscribed to the triangle $ABC$. $D$ is a point on the circumcircle. Prove that symmetries of the point D according to the edges of the triangle are collinear.
  10. G

    When to add & subtract in this time & distance problem?

    A and B are racing at a 1 km track. A gives B a start of 100m and beats him by 15 sec. A, in his over confidence, now gives B a start of 90 sec, but loses by 500m. In how much time does A finish the race? Sol: 1st case: A does 1000m in t sec B does 900m in t +15 sec 2nd case...
  11. G

    How to solve a distance problem ?

    A and B start from X and Y respectively at 10 am. They start moving towards Y and X respectively. If A reaches Y at 2 pm and B reaches X at 4 pm, then at what time do they meet? How to solve a distance problem ?
  12. idontknow

    Problem involving analytic expressions

    Given 3 random numbers x,y,z \in \mathbb{R}\;: (a) Find the number that is bounded by the two other numbers. Express it in terms of a function like \phi (x,y,z). (b) Express the largest number in terms of \phi(x,y,z).
  13. A

    Pagerank problem

    Hi, I am not sure how to solve the problem as attached. Help needed. Thanks
  14. S

    Problem with arguing about probability mass of general random variable

    (I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but I didn't see a better fit.) I have a problem with an exercise in a machine learning text-book. Solving it doesn't require any knowledge of machine learning, though, just of advanced probability theory. It's a very simple exercise in principle...
  15. G

    Explain these two questions in distance problem.

    Shatabdi express left Delhi 40 min late. After covering half of the distance it increased its usual speed by 1/6 of original speed and reached Chandigarh on scheduled time. Find usual time (in min) taken by Shatabdi express to cover complete journey. Solution: Speed Ratio; 6 : 7 Time ratio; 7 ...
  16. S

    Help turning word problems into equations please...

    Hello, my class has just started exploring rational equations. I have no problem solving the equations on their own but when I need to convert information into these equations I can confuse myself. If anyone can help me with turning these two problems into rational equations, I'd be really...
  17. S

    Problem: How To Get The Same Profit With Increased Sale Price

    I'm listing a product for sale on Ebay, and wondering if someone can help solve this mathematical problem: If you sell a product to the US it costs let's say \$3 for the shipping, which we add into the overall sale price of the item. If we then sell the same product to the UK, it costs us...
  18. G

    Explain this step in Average speed problem?

    What is the average speed of a man who works at 1kmph for 1 hour, 2 kmph for 2 hours........ till 10 kmph for 10 hours? A) Average speed = (Total distance)/(Total time) = (1*1+2*2+3*3…….10*10)/(1+2+3****+10) = {1/6 n(n+1)(2n+1)}/ {1/2 n(n+1)} = 2n+1/3; (n = 10) = 7...
  19. G

    How to find average speed for this problem?

    What is the average speed of a man who travels 1/4th distance at 10kmph, 1/3rd the distance at 20kmph and the rest at 12.5 kmph? Solution: Remaining time = 1 – (1/4 + 1/3) = 5/12 Multiplying 12 to fractions to get whole numbers; 3, 4 & 5. After this how to proceed?
  20. C

    The n-body problem revisited

    Dear My Math Forum Community: Could the n-body problem be a macroscopic manifestation of the Heisenberg and Born Uncertainty Principle? Thank you.:)