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    Need help to calculate proposal

    I have a proposal sheet in excel (attached). can anyone help me to get the total salary for 24 months = 49,000,000 (without any decimals) by adjusting the unit price (monthly salary)? thanks in advance
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    Math Challenges Proposal on StackExchange!

    Hey everyone, Two months ago, I started a proposal on StackExchange on Mathematical Challenges for "enthusiasts wanting to create and share their own mathematical challenges at all levels, including recreational mathematics." The link is here: Math Challenges - Area 51 - Stack Exchange...
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    Proposal for a non-periodic CPRNG

    I'd like to present a new variation of the standard Shrinking LFSR Generator (SLG) that, with just a few slight modifications, achieves both non-periodicity and a significantly improved level security. An SLG is of course currently considered impervious to cryptoanalysis except for the case...
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    Research Proposal for having Phd in Financial Mathematics

    Hej I have a master degree in financial mathematics. I am looking for a Phd in Financial Mathematics. For this purpose I need to have a research proposal. I need help in writing a research proposal in financial mathematics or someone have a sample research proposal in financial mathematics, It...