1. T

    card distribution question

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here and allow me to first say I am not a big expert on statistics so it's help what I am looking for here :) Here the problem: I have 15 cards and 5 players. Each player receives 3 cards, and for me it's not important in which order. In how many...
  2. E

    Algebra/ Trig question

    I just need to know how to solve for alpha. If some context helps, it's to calculate the firing angle of an AC to AC converter. I just need to know how they went from 2a - sin(2a) = 3pi/2 to 1.98665 rads.
  3. J

    Card deck question

    How would you go about calculating the probability that the first 2 aces you find in a deck are back to back? I have a feeling this actually comes out to 1/13, but I'm getting bogged down in averaging out too many scenarios. If the first card is an ace, P(ace next) is 3/51. If the 49th card...
  4. paulapanther

    Hi all, I have a very basic question :D

    Hi all, you are my biggest hope :D This is probably really dumb, but I have the following problem and my stats courses are just too long ago: I need to visualise the change of surface area of two bones (A and B) over time. So, for example, in one dinosaur, bone A is 300 cm² in surface area and...
  5. L

    Probabilistic question

    Hi guys, I have a probability question that I really tried to solved, but seems to be to hard for my actual knowledge. I would kindly asked if you can help me with that. We have 985 white balls and 15 black balls, randomly distributed in the white balls. All 1000 balls are splited in groups...
  6. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 3:

    Pentagon $ABCDE$ is inscribed in a circle. $AB \parallel EC$, $AE \parallel BD$. $AD \cap EC \equiv G$, $BD \cap EC \equiv F$ and $AC \cap BD \equiv H$. Prove that the area of $AGFH$ is equal to the sum of the areas of $DEG$ and $BCH$. --------
  7. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 2:

    $T$ is the middle point of the segment $AB$ of the convex quadrilateral $ABCD$. The circle $\omega$, through points $C,D,T$, is tangent to $AB$. $K$ and $L$ are the intersection points of $AD$ and $BC$ respectively with $\omega$. $M$ and $N$ are the intersection points of $AC$ and $BD$...
  8. tahirimanov19

    Geometry Problem Series, Question 1:

    A circle circumscribed to the triangle $ABC$. $D$ is a point on the circumcircle. Prove that symmetries of the point D according to the edges of the triangle are collinear.
  9. I

    Another combination question

    Six letters are to be chosen from 25 letters (order irrelevant). In how many ways can the letters be chosen if D and E must be selected. Can do directly: 23C4 and know it's easier, but how to do indirectly? Why doesn't 25C6 - 23C6 not work?
  10. B

    mathematical#not sure what the meaning of the third question,anyone can give a hand?

    Andrew works in the railway industry as an engineer for a wage rate equal to Wt. He consumes part of his wealth and invests the rest in the financial market for a constant gross return equal to R > 1. Consumption is denoted by Ct and total investment by It. In every period t, Andrew places a...
  11. I

    combinations question

    A committee of 5 is being formed from 15 adults and 18 children. In how many different ways could it be formed if at least 1 adult and 1 child must be included? I know how to do this with cases, and I know how to do this indirectly by finding all possibilities subtract the ones with no adults...
  12. N

    question about notation

    I am an old geek trying to relearn mathematics that I knew 45 years ago. I am beginning to read a basic introduction to rigorous mathematics and need to ask a question about notation. Be patient, I am unsure whether I can use Latex to express it in this interface, so I am going to phrase it...
  13. S

    Simple Question

    In this photo, this is the process of getting the sinusoidal transfer function. Anyway that doesn't matter. The question is while this procedure, what happened in replacing "sin(wt - 90)" by "(-j) sin(wt)" Thank you in advance.
  14. H

    One question's stumping me

    Tom wants to sell some land (the diagram below). Before he can sell the land, he needs to install a pipe which costs 50 dollars per meter. A property developer is only interested if the block of land can be subdivided into four sections of at least 700 square meters (700 m^2) each. The straight...
  15. N

    Function Notation to Express a Question

    Part B of the following problem seems to be fairly straightforward, but I can't seem to complete it properly. I might be overthinking the problem entirely. Would anyone be willing to help?
  16. P

    This is my question. Please guide me

    Hi all, I managed to work out the first part, but I don't understand how to do the second part. Maths is my weakest subject. Can someone go through or explain how the second part works? Thank you for your time. -------------------- Your company has a turnover of \$30 million per year...
  17. P

    This is my question. Please guide me

    Good day to all, I have the following maths problem which I am stuck at. I manage to get the first part done but am unsure how to start or the process for the second part. Can someone please explain how to go about the second part? Thank you so much. ____________________________________...
  18. S

    Help with fencing question... ASAP

    This question from my assignment is giving me some trouble. I feel like I'm really close but my end results still end up screwed up. If anyone can help me solve this so I can hand it in tomorrow afternoon I'd definitely appreciate it :)! A farmer has 120m of fencing and plans to use it to...
  19. idontknow

    Funny question

    Share your age. Me 19. :p
  20. Y

    Is this Pi?... I'm afraid to work out the two triangles with question marks just make the pics full screen. if the two triangles are the same Area, that would mean that this is pi. can someone help and do it for me>?