1. F

    Solve Interest Rate Increasing Annuity

    The following formula gives the initial payment for an increasing annuity (see: https://financeformulas.net/Growing-Annuity-Payment.html): P=V * (r-g)/(1-((1+g)/(1+r))^n) I need help solving for r. Can anybody help? Thanks
  2. L

    Laminar to turbulent rate of flow

    What is the ratio at transformation between rates of laminar and turbulent flow?
  3. J

    Simple Interest Rate

    John receives an invoice for USD 1000 with payment due within 30 days. The terms of payment allow for a discount of 2.5% if the bill is paid within 7 days. He borrows USD 975 to take advantage of the discount. What is the largest simple interest rate that John would be willing to pay the loan?
  4. idontknow

    Asymptotic growth rate

    Is there any example of an asymptotic growth rate ?
  5. R

    Isolate discount rate

    I use this dividend discount formula to calculate the fair value of dividend stocks: fv=(d*(1+gr))/(dr-gr) fv=fair value d=dividend gr=growth rate dr=discount rate But how do I isolate the discount rate (so I can insert the current stock price instead of the fair value and get an...
  6. E

    Rate change and derivatives

    An arrow is shot upward on a planet. Its height (in meters) after t seconds is given by h(t) = 60t – 0.6t^2. a. At what time will the arrow reach the top? b. With what velocity will the arrow hit the ground?
  7. T

    Consumption rate

    Hi all, I have a maths problem for you (trigonometry & Pythagoras, I think)! I have a bag of 1459 potatoes that are used to make plain and ridged crisps (all potatoes are exactly the same size and I get the same number of crisps per potato every time). Plain crisps use 0.82potatoes...
  8. A

    Solve R

    Hi. I have the following problem and need to solve r. 26,51= ((10,360232)/((1+r)^4)))+((11,29265288)/((1+r)^5)))+((12,3089916392)/((1+r)^6))) Thanks for the help.
  9. B

    Fortnite math problem: is the average win rate exactly 1%?

    At first I thought for sure it's 1% exactly, but then I realized I was wrong. Consider two cases: Suppose there are exactly the same 100 players each game. In this case, since 1 player wins and the rest lose, the average win rate after n games is: (\sum_{i=1}{100} games won by person i /...
  10. R

    Average Weighted Interest Rate

    Dear, I've got a problem which I am unfortunately unable to solve. How can I compare the 3 loans below, to get an Average Weighted interest rate? Loan 1 Loan: 100.000 Residual Value: 0 Period: 60 months Nominal Interest Rate : 2% Loan 2 Loan: 50.000 Residual Value: 10.000 Period: 72 months...
  11. J

    Relationship between monthly and annually based interest rate?

    My question is quite simple like if I know that the interest I have got from a bank this month is x then can I say that the annual interest rate which I will get from the bank is 12 multiplied by x. I am asking this because sometimes you don't just add up the percentage and actually you do...
  12. I

    Using rate of change of a function to find an expression's value

    Hey. Simple question; Given that f(x) is function, if x changed from x to x + h, and the rate of that change is (x^2 * h) - (4*x*h^2), then f'(3) would be? how can this be solved?
  13. M

    Finding rate expression

    What is the rate expression of the following formula ClO2(g) + 2OH(aq) → ClO3(aq) + H2O(g) I know how to find the rate expression of elementary reaction but I think this might not be an elementary reaction
  14. E

    Affect of pressure on rate of reaction

    1:X2(g)+1/2Y2(g)=X2Y(g) 2:X2(g)+Z2(g)=2XZ(g) 3:2X2(g)+2KY(g)=K2(g)+2X2Y In which of the reaction above can the rate be detected by using pressure change and why? Please explain
  15. E

    Rate expression

    Pb (aq)+2I (aq)=PbI2 If the concentration of pb ions is increased twice and the concentration of of I ions is reduced by half? How would the rate of the reaction affected? Please explain step by step
  16. J

    Rate of separation

    How do I track the rate of separation of nearby orbits in a phase space defined by points $r \in \mathbb{R}^2$ and angles $\phi \in [0, 2\pi)$? edit: Suppose the map or function which defines the evolution of these points has no explicit definition (no obvious derivative). It's a straight...
  17. S

    Injury Frequency Rate

    Hello, Is there any risk factor which is included in IFR calculation depends of type of industry? I am working in metal industry and risk of injury is much more higher than for example in food industry. If two companies, one from metal industry, other from food industry, have the same number of...
  18. S

    growth rate of two variables

    In 2016, item cost is £6 and number of units sold is 10 in 2017, item cost increases to £7 and number of units sold increases to 15 Question: Of the 75% increase in cost, how much is due to price decrease and how much is because of volume increase?
  19. S

    Growth rate question

    In 2016, item cost is £6 and number of units sold is 10 generating a total cost of £60 in 2017, item cost increases to £7 and number of units sold increases to 15 generating a total cost of £105 Question: Of the 75% increase in cost, how much is due to price increases and how much is...
  20. Y

    Calculating An Injury Frequency Rate

    Hello everyone, I believe I have this down but wanted confirmation from the experts. Seems simple enough. Basically, I want to calculate the "Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)" of a company per 200,000 work hours. Assuming 1 employee= 2000 hours worked What would be the...