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    What is the exact Downstream distance : Upstream distance ratio ?

    Sentence: A boy swims double the distance along the current that he swims against the current. Does it mean Downstream distance : Upstream distance = 1 : 2 or 2 : 1?
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    What is the use of finding time ratio in this problem?

    Dipak goes to his office, covering half of the distance by auto & rest by metro; total time taken by him to cover complete distance is 50 min. If he covers complete distance by metro, it would take 35 mins to reach the office. On a particular day, he goes to his office & returns by auto; find...
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    How quantity ratio is obtained??

    A man purchased some lemons and sold at 20 for rs.160 at 20% loss. If he want 20% profit then how many lemons should he sell for rs 240 ? Price =80:120=2:3 Quantity =3:2 3--->=20 2---->40/3 160--->=40/3 1---->=1/12 240---->=240*/12=20 How quantity ratio is obtained??
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    Why angles have units since they are defined by a ratio of distances?

    Since \theta = \frac{s}{r} the units of s and r shouldn't cancel out? So what are radians? Also, how did mathematicians said that π rads=180 degrees? why not π rads=1000 degrees? thanks :p
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    is it possible to determine the winning ratio using statistics?

    I began to get involved in gambling for a long time. Until this time, I played relying only on luck. But recently an interesting thought came to me. Is it possible with the help of mathematics and statistics to raise the number of victories? What do you think about that?
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    Are my calculations of the pregnancy ratio of the population correct?

    So this question is a math question having to do with me calculating the rate of population growth starting from a population of 100,000. I have already gotten the first 3 steps done (sex ratio, ratio of cycle time, and pregnancy ratio) after a week among those in the fertile timeframe...
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    stick ratio problem

    A stick is broken up into 2 parts. The ratio of the lengths of the bigger part and the smaller part is equal to the ratio of the length of the full stick and bigger part. What is this ratio? How to solve this stick ratio problem?
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    Ratio of pens and pencils

    The ratio of the number of pens to the number of pencils in a box was 7:5. After 21 pens and 21 pencils were sold, the ratio became 11:7. How many pencils were left at the stall? My work: Ratio (before) Pens:Pencils 7:5 Ratio (after) Pens:Pencils 11:7 Since the ratio of both pens...
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    Ratios: Pencils and Notebooks

    Suppose p:n = 9:4 then after p-10=n or p=n+10, the ratio 9/4 turns into 4:4 what are the end values of p and n?
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    Engine coolant ratio

    My engine's cooling system has a capacity of 10.95L of coolant which is a 50:50 mix of antifreeze + water. My radiator was low so I added 1.44L of water, to bring it back up to 10.95L of antifreeze + water; the resulting ratio is now approximately 43:57 antifreeze to water in my radiator...
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    What was the ratio of the speed of the man and the speed of sound?

    A gun was fired from the same place at an interval of 3 hours. A man who was walking towards the place from where the gun was fired heard the gunshots at an interval of 2 hours 59 mins. What was the ratio of the speed of the man and the speed of sound? I draw the diagram of moving man walking...
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    Trig ratio challenge

    Kindly assist with this trig equation challenge: Given that √5 tanA=-2 and CosB=8/17 in ∆ABC State why we may assume that angle C is acute and determine the value of Sin C Attempt made: tanA=-2/√5 CosB=8/17 A is obtuse angle of 138° or reflex angle 318.19° B is an acute...
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    How to solve this ratio problem?

    P varies directly with the square of Q when R is constant and inversely with R when Q is constant when Q = 6 and R = 3, then P = 24, Find P when Q = 8 and R = 4. Solution: P varies directly with $Q^2$ (when R is constant): $\dfrac{P}{Q^2} = c$ for some constant c. P varies inversely with R...
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    Why 1:4 is considered as cost price rather than profit ratio?

    A person bought 2 refrigerators for a total of 42000. He sold one at a profit of 20% and the other at a profit of 30%. If his overall profit on selling both the refrigerators is 28%, then what is the selling price of the refrigerator, which was sold at a profit of 30%? Solution: The cost...
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    Ratio test complex numbers question:

    calculate the radius of convergence for the series: g(z)=\[\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{z^n}{n^2}\] i used the ratio test to show that An+1/an converges to absolute value of z as n tends to infinity, does this mean that our radius of convergence lies between R=[0,1)? I know that if the...
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    imaginary golden ratio

    The post on the imaginary golden ration looks interesting, but the formulas do not display on my Chrome browser. Is there anything I should do to display the formulas?
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    A Ratio Problem

    The ratio of red counters to blue counters is 9:11b There are y blue counters. Express the number of red counters in terms of y. I learned that the answer is 9y:11, but why is that?
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    Long Compound Gear Train ratio

    Greetings. I am building a board game that utilizes time travel by means of a compound gear train. Each gear will represent a different unit of time, and I would like an idler gear in between so the time gears all move clockwise/counterclockwise at the same time. The units I am using are day...
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    Relative risk and odds ratio

    Hi all, I attached my question as a link below and highlighted the parts that I felt I didn't understand. https://www.dropbox.com/s/99r2uo0xbatbuix/k.png?dl=0 For the first highlighted part, the relative risk is 1.45 and the percentage is 145%. But shouldn't the interpretation say '45%...
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    Not sure what theme it is, some help!

    I am going to make this question in Calculus because I am not sure where it should be, please tell me if I have to do this question in another place. When (a+b)/(4)-(b+c)/(5)+(c+a)/(6) then ratio a:b:c=1 : FIRST ANSWER : SECOND ANSWER. I have no idea what is this, not very smart with math...