1. P

    real count

    I've heard that the reals are uncountably infinite. But I've also heard that you can enumerate over Turing machines. If that's the case, shouldn't you be able to write a program for every number? I've heard of non-computable numbers, but I honestly don't think that's possible. They give the...
  2. S

    GR deals with what is Real.

    Somewhere around 1 x 10-18g in a vacuum is a new constant. The diffraction grating gets too small to identify fringes. It's a natural size for the object to be physical and to never be in superposition. Uncollapsed(stateless | unphysical) Quantum Waves + State(Matter Field or wave collapse...
  3. idontknow

    Real numbers in (0,1)

    Show whether the product of all real numbers in interval (0,1) converges or diverges ?
  4. F

    The power of a derivative in real life application - example

    Hello friends. I'd like to share this educational video of my authorship about derivatives in real life applications. The video has English captions, so I'd really appreciate your comments. ;)
  5. D

    Real analysis rudin theorem 1.21

    In thorem 1.21 of Rudin He has said that as t=X/(X+1) then t^n<t<1 then maximum value of t is 1. then in the next part he has given that t^n<t<x. as maximum value of t is less than 1 why has he given that t<x ? X is a real number and 0<X and And n Is a integer n>0 .
  6. aurel5

    Real parameter

    Determine the real parameter m, for which graph of the function f(x)=\dfrac{x^2-2x+m}{x^2-6x+8} is tangent only once to the Ox axis
  7. A

    Highschool website for Algebra/Geometry with real life applications or problems

    I tried to search something related to real life situations in algebra and in geometry but the only thing I found was a torrent named Mathematics Describing the Real World(with videos trying to explain some theories but with less examples from the real world) and a free website named Don't...
  8. T

    Real and Imaginary Numbers

    Good morning, I am working on a problem where I am finding the 4th Coefficient in a sample of 4 discrete time Fourier Series coefficients. I got the sum but now I have to solve for a_3 which consists of a real and imaginary part. Any assitance on how to solve for the a_3? Thank you. a_k...
  9. Z

    Counting real numbers

    To count the real numbers in [.1,1), remove the decimal point.
  10. Z

    Are the decimal real numbers a field.

    Is the following decimal definition of real numbers a field? -------------------------------------------------------- Defining the natural numbers by decimal digits is trivial: 1, 2, 3, ... One way to define all the real numbers in [0,1) is to list the natural numbers, put a period after...
  11. Z

    Real numbers and decimals.

    All real numbers can be defined by unique decimal sequences unrestricted in length. Convergence in the conventional sense has nothing to do with this. Addition and multiplication of two endless sequences is a problem because it starts from the right, but there are practical work-arounds...
  12. C

    Inert in the Maximal Real Subfield of Cyclotomic Field

    Hello Let $Q_n$ be the Maximal Real Subfield of of $\mathbb Q(\zeta_{2^{n+1}})$. for example $Q_2=\mathbb{\sqrt 2}$ is the maximal real subfield of $\zeta_8$. How to show that if a rational prime $p$ inert in $Q_2$ then it is inert in $Q_n$. Thank you
  13. J

    Question about proving the availability of double real root of a polynomial

    For part b, it is assuming that n is an odd number, so r-a = r+a Since the exponent of n-1 would be an even number for n being an odd number, is the equation of (r-a)^(n-1) = -(r+a)^(n-1) undefined? It is because any real number to a power of an even number cannot be negative. Please...
  14. J

    Maths real world application simple problem

    I have a circular pipe that is 175 mm in diameter that fits through a stainless steel plate. The pipe fits through a cut out in the plate which has a diameter of 183 mm . The pipe will fit through the plate with 2mm to spare all round when the pipe is perpendicular to the plate. I am...
  15. S

    Real Analysis

    Do the closed set consists of points other than limit points? :confused: If yes, then what are the examples?
  16. Z

    Real Numbers are a Subset of the Rationals

    The following table, which is countable (google), includes all pos rationals and reals. The reals are a subset of the rationals if you define: Real: m/100000........., all m Note: Left column and Top row are endless, \begin{matrix} &1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & . & . &. \\ 1 &\frac{1}{1}...
  17. L

    Real #s altered by countable ops?

    Is there any countable function that affects the continuum of real numbers?
  18. Z

    Natural, Rational, and Real, Numbers

    Natural, Rational, and Real, Numbers m/n stands for mth of n, not division. Natural Numbers: 1,2,3,4,.........,n Rational Numbers: 1/n, 2/n, 3/n,.....n/n Real Numbers: n → ∞, (0,1] Or, you could start the natural numbers with zero: Natural Numbers: 0,1,2,3,.........,n-1 Rational...
  19. Z

    Closed Thread: Real Numbers and Limits.

    Why was subject thread only closed after I attempted to respond to a question? What I have to say was not said before, that an infinite decimal sequence, THE SEQUENCE, is the real number, not it's calculus limit. If someone was interested in what I had to say, why couldn't I respond without...