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    Find the dimensions of the rectangular corral split into two pens ...................

    Hello sorry if I already posted this one? I did check threads I have started but did not see it.... Find the dimensions of the rectangular corral split into two pens (sharing a fence) of the same size producing the greatest enclosed area given 630 feet of fencing. I know it's not really much...
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    A question about converting cylindrical coordinates to rectangular coordinates

    I have a problem figuring something out when it comes to converting cylindrical to 3D rectangular coordinates. the formulas for converting are as follows: x = r cos theta y = r sin theta z = z If we're just using basic trigonometry to figure out the sides of the triangle of which the angle...
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    Angle between lateral faces on a rectangular pyramid

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how to solve this problem: What is the angle between lateral faces of a rectangular pyramid with length a, width b, and height h, in terms of a, b and h? Any responses are much appreciated.
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    How to convert polar to rectangular

    Hello, How to convert polar form to rectangular with drawing axis. Xc =31,847ohm/ 90 degree
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    In the rectangular ABCD, P and Q are points on AB and BC, respectively, such that the areas of the triangles APD , PBQ and QCD are the same. Find AP : PB.
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    Cross product of two rectangular matrix?

    Hello I have a math problem. How to calculate cross product of two 3x2 rectangular matrix? Can you help me? Best regards Matej
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    Transform Rectangular notation into still rectangle but with exponential

    Hi! My teacher wrote the following equivalence: If you can not see the image, the equivalence is as follows: (1.10^-3 ) . 10 . [ (j.500)/ (j+1)] x [e^(0.j)] = 3,5 . e^0,70.j I think he transformed from the form: a+b.j into |z|.e^(j.theta) which is equal to [Square root(a^2 +b^2)] ...
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    Optimization of a rectangular prism

    A company makes rectangular crates of volume 100 ft^3 with one side (and it's opposite face) square. Construction costs are $1 / ft^2 for the top, $2/ft^2 for the sides and $5/ft^2 for the bottom. What dimensions minimizes the cost? The picture of this has a rectangular prism laying longways...
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    A box with a rectangular cross section balanced on 2 smooth rails.

    Two parallel horizontal rails are 25cm apart, at the same level. A uniform box with rectangular cross-section 34cm x 22cm is balanced on the rails at an angle $θ$ to the horizontal. If the contact of the faces of the box with the rails is smooth, show using a geometrical method, that for the...
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    Application of differentiation (Rectangular box)

    A rectangular block with a square base and height $2(a-x)$,$x<a$, is inscribed in a sphere of fixed radius $a$ such that the vertices of the block just touch the interior of the sphere. a)Show that the square base has side length $\sqrt{2x(2a-x)}$. Hence, write down the volume of the block...
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    polar and rectangular form

    hello ive got some questions that im stuck on and was wondering if anyone can help me. so, ive been asked to find the value of (5+j12) X (7 + j24) in rectangular form, so i got 35+J36 is this correct? then i was asked to convert 5+j12 and 7 + j24 into polar form . so for 5+J12 i got...
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    Rectangular Geometry Problem

    Can someone help me find the equation to solve for P? Point A2 rests on chord A1B1, Point B2 rests on chord B1C1, and chord B2C2 passes through Point D1. Both rectangles are the same size and based on the golden ratio. Graphically I know that the P is around 1.86, but I would like to know the...
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    How can i found the rectangular between two 2d vectors ?

    I need it for game developing so i can know if the mouse cursor is located inside a certain area.
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    convert between cylindrical and rectangular coordinates

    I've tried converting several ways and used online calculators and other help, but I cannot seem to get the answer the website (webassign) is looking for. The question is "Find the rectangular coordinates of the point, whose cylindrical coordinates are given" and the given point (2, pi, e)...
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    Rectangular ABCD cut Circle at N and H and R and M point as A N H B belongs to the seam line segment and D R M C belongs to the seam line segment AN =4cm NH=5cm DM=3cm find RM
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    Rectangular Form

    Hi, does anyone know how to write e^{\frac{2-i \pi}{4}} in rectagular form?
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    rectangular coordinates conversion?

    r = 1 + sin(theta^2) Conditions: 0<=theta<=square root of 6pi Is it possible to convert this into rectangular coordinate?
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    Find a set of parametric equations for the rectangular equat

    problem #1 y = 3x + 3 problem #2 y = x^4 + 4
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    Eliminate the parameter t. Find a rectangular equation for t

    problem #1 x = sq.root of t, y = 2t + 3; 0 <= t <= 4 problem #2 x= 4 cos t, y = 4 sin t; 0 <= t <= 2pie Thanks math community. :)
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    Rectangular Box

    The dimensions of a rectangular box are in the ratio 2:3:4 and the difference between the cost of covering it with sheet of paper at the rate of Rs.4/- and Rs. 4.50 per square meter is Rs 416. The dimensions of the box are: 1)6,9,12 2)8,12,16 3)10,15,20 4)12,18,24 5)none Please show steps...I...