1. A

    Help : Deriving an inequality related to Lucas Sequence

    Hi, I am studying a paper by Yann Bugeaud (click here), on page 13 there is an inequality (16) as given below- which is obtained from - , on page 12. How the inequality (16) is derived? I couldn't figure it out. However one of my forum member tried but it has two problems...
  2. happy21

    Question related with Binomial Theorem

    How can we find the index 'n' of the binomial \left ( \frac{x}{5}+\frac{2}{5} \right )^{n}, n\epsilon N if the 9th term of the expansion has numerically the greatest coefficient. Thx.
  3. D

    percentage error related to differentials

    I am a math tutor. One of my students asked me to help him with a few problems. There was a question I could not get the right answer for. (ex) The length x of the side of a square is measured less than 1% error. By approximately what percentage will the calculated area A=x^2 of the square be...
  4. I

    Advice on solving calculus optimization & related rates problems?

    Hey. I'm looking for your advice on these 2 topics which are hard to master. Surely there's nothing common between every question and the other except the calculus you use, but i need to know what mistakes you used to fall in during solving these problems, advice / notes / experiences you...
  5. H

    Can you help me answer following python related questions?

    In Python, what is returned when evaluating [n for n in range(10) if n % 2]? In Python, what kind of error is returned by the following code? (e.g. NameError, ValueError, IOError, etc.) def my_func(n1, n2): return n1 + n2 my_func(1, 2, 3) What is returned by datetime(1970, 1...
  6. M

    Mod functions related to Fermat's Last Theorem

    Since Fermat's Last Theorem has been proved, can it be concluded that there can't be three different, relatively prime, non zero integers A>B>C where the following six Mod functions are all equal to zero when the power is odd and higher than one and all but the first Mod function are equal to...
  7. I

    Some questions related to variables and operations

    Hi. I got several algebraic questions and I don't really want them to remain a gap for me. First one is about substituting variables / expressions; Say that we have (xy)^3=4x. If I decide to substitute the expression xy with the variable n, which is the new correct form of the utter...
  8. M

    Six functions related to FLT

    Since Fermat's last theorem has been proved, can it be that with powers greater than 2, the following functions can't all be simultaneously equal to zero with odd powers and all but one of them similarly with even powers? The functions are A^n Mod(B + C), B^n Mod(A - B), C^n Mod (A - B), (B^n...
  9. G

    How is B related to H?

    There are 3 married couples in a family of three generations. A is the grandson of H. G is the mother in law of C. D and E are the brothers. B is the only nephew of E. F is sister in law of D. B is son of C. How is B related to H? I tried But from here how to proceed?
  10. Chemist116

    How to solve this problem related to electric potential?

    The problem is as follows: At 1 meter to the left of a particle whose charge is q_{1}=1.0 \mu C there exists another whose charge is q_{2}=-1.0 \mu C. Find the electric potential resulting from both point charges located at \textrm{1.0 m} to the right of the particle q_{1}. So far I found...
  11. I

    Related rates - bridge / boat

    A bridge goes across the river at a height of 60m. A car on the bridge travelling at 40 m/s passes directly over a boat travelling up the river at 15 m/s. Find the rate at which the distance between the car and the boat is increasing 3 seconds later?
  12. I

    Related rates - inscribed

    A rectangle is inscribed in a semicircle of a radius 5m. Estimate the increase in the area of the rectangle using differentials if the length of its base along the diameter is increased from 6m to 6 1/6 m ?
  13. I

    Related rates ladder problem

    A 20m ladder leans against the wall. If the bottom of the ladder slides away from the wall horizontally at 4m/s, how fast is the ladder sliding down the wall, when the top of the ladder is 8m from the ground?
  14. C

    Derivatives: Related Rates Revenue Problem

    I'm a bit stuck on part 2 and 3. A company is increasing productions at the rate of 40 products per day. All items produced can be sold. The daily demand function is given by p=100-q/210 where q is the number of units produced (and sold) and p is the price in dollars. Find the rate of...
  15. P

    Need help - Problem related to complex numbers...

    So, I need help with this problem guys. Here it goes... The real and imaginary parts of the complex number z=x+iy satisfy the equation \left( 2-i \right) x-\left( 1+3i \right) y-7=0. Find the value of x and the value of y. --------- ** Thanks in advance. Please leave your workings, I'd...
  16. D

    I am struggling with this related rates problem.

    I have attached a diagram for this problem. (ex) A bungee jumper has reached a point in her exciting plunge where the taut cord is 100 ft long with 0.5 inch radius and stretchings. She is still 80 ft above the ground and is now falling at 40 ft/sec. You are observing her jump from a spot on...
  17. N

    Related Rates

    A patrol car is parked 30 feet from a long warehouse (see figure). The revolving light on top of the car turns at a rate of 30 revolutions per minute. How fast is the light beam moving along the wall when the beam makes angles of θ = 45°, θ = 60°, and θ = 80° with the line perpendicular...
  18. K

    Surface Area Related Q

    The area of two side walls of a room is 782 sq m and that of two end walls 646 sq m. Find the dimensions of the room
  19. Z

    Possible to find at least 1 indefinite value in 5 related procedures?

    I have 5 procedures listed below: 1. (x+y+z)/x1=252.81 2. (x+1.5y+z)/x1=292.13 3. (2x+1.5y+z)/x1=449.44 4. (2x+2y+2z)/x1=505.62 5. (3x+2y+2z)/x1=662.92 x, y, z & x1 are variables but used same in each procedures. Considering the related procedures what is the possibility to find at least...
  20. W

    Two questions related to normal distribution

    A telephone exchange receives, on average, 5 calls per minute. Find the probability that in a 20 minute period no more than 102 calls are received Exactly 90 calls are received and A radioactive element disintegrates such that it follows a Poisson distribution. If the mean number of...