1. pmms12585

    Request for help with tricky Riccati DE with exponential terms.

    Hi all, I am developing a model that requires me to derive the solution of a rather tricky Riccati DE, and I am having a devil of a time with it and am beginning to wonder if there is even a closed-form solution. Anyhow, the equation is \frac{dE}{dt} = cB_{t} + bE_{t} + aE_{t}^{2}...
  2. C

    Request for Peer Review

    Axioms Let every number be arbitrarily composed of two numbers. Let the number table exist as such… 0=(0,1) 1=(1,1) 2=(2,2) 3=(3,3) 4=(4,4)…and so on Let no "ordered pair" be represented by another "further" ordered pair. Let the first number of the number chosen be labeled as z1...
  3. S

    Solution Manual Request

    Hi I am a senior student at UCSD. Now I am self learning machine learning from the book: “Understanding Machine Learning: from Theory to Algorithms” by Shai Shalev-Shwartz and Shai Ben-David. T Do you guys have solution manual for the book? Thank you so much.
  4. F

    Request for Assistance - financial math

    I was told the formula for determining the aggregate of 40 annual payments growing at a compounded rate of 5% is: [Y1 amount]*(1.05)^40. Using that formula (with the Y1 amount being $1,400) would give a figure of . . . what? Thanks in advance . . . not sure this is trigonometry!
  5. N

    Probability question - request for help

    Hello, I'm a grad student who does memory research at the University of Waterloo. I'm conducting memory research in which I'm looking at the order in which words are recalled compared to the order in which they are studied. For simplicity's sake, I'll convert my question into an "urn problem."...
  6. E

    Simultaneous equations help request..

    Can someone run through the steps to solve this for me please? Thanks in advance. 2 * x_1 + 2*x_2 = -3*x_1 5*x_1 - x_2   = -3*x_2 Cheers!
  7. E

    a quickie algebra help request!

    Quite simply, how is (1-x)/x equivalent to (-1/x) - 1? Breaking up the fraction, I get 1/x + 1 ... thanks in advance!
  8. B

    Reading and writing "structured" proofs: software request.

    I'm looking for software in which to read and write proofs. The idea is somewhat similar to Leslie Lamport's "Structured Proofs." You have a highest level of the document, which is a sequence of definitions and theorems. You can click on a theorem to see a proof, which is itself a sequence of...
  9. P

    symmetrical easing function request

    Hi, I'm looking for symmetric ease in - ease out functions. Currently I'm using x^t and 1-(1-x)^t, (displayed as black lines in the image below) but the problem is that these functions are not symmetrical around the y = -x axis. What I'm looking for is the equation of a function that maps [0 1]...
  10. G

    Academic Guidance Math Help Request Please

    Hi, I'm in a basic math course and its been a few years since I last took a math class - so I forgot some of the processes in going about how to solve the following problems... I was wondering if someone could explain to me the process I'd go about to find the answers for the following and...
  11. I

    A small request

    Hi moderators, I'm Isabelle and I'm very happy to be part of this forum and to be perfectly honest with you guys, I think it's cool to be part of such an eclectic line up here. :D Having said this, I noticed today that I was given the title of 'Jack of Clubs', hmm..., for some not-so-apparent...
  12. K


    Dear Friends ! I am preparing for Entry test and want to join uni, I am stuck with these questions. Can any one help in finding the solutions (proofs) of these questions. I will be so thankful to you. The questions seems to be pretty stupid for me they are of great significance. Questions...
  13. D

    Request for Probality Problem Solution

    Hi!! I request to kindly provide the solution of probability problem mentioned below. Though I feel that it can be solved by using Bayes theorem, but in case of second probability set the sum is more than 1. It would be great to have a complete solution rather than hint. With Kind Regards...
  14. R

    Request help entering map projection equation into excel

    I am trying to enter the equation for the Lambert Conformal map projection into Excel and need help. I once had this working and used the results to plot x/y coordinates into my 2d cad program. I have lost my original file and need help reconstructing it. I use this to create Controller Charts...
  15. CRGreathouse

    Resource request: highly inefficient markets

    Much of undergraduate economics is dedicated to the study of efficient markets. This is a useful simplification in many fields -- no one cares who they buy stock from, and gasoline, wheat, and other commodities are almost as undifferentiated. I've recently been considering markets that are...
  16. A

    strange request

    Would someone be willing to help me to learn things such as higher algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc? I would be willing to pay for lessons. I can't stand not knowing these things. One day when I was like 13 I realized that life is all numbers, but I didn't bother to study. Now all I can see...
  17. T

    request help compact spces

    Can anyone help me about this problem.. Give an example of a continuous function f : (X,T) -> (Y,U) with (X,T) compact metric space and (Y,U) a topological space that is not Hausdorff :cry: help..
  18. O

    help request (Green Function)

    I really need your help I will do a paper in next 5 days about (Green Function and its use in solving differential equation), and i dont know anything about this topic. so I need a good Advanced Math book or paper with examples if possible. thanks a lot
  19. B


    I need the following book but unfortunately I have not access to it,since I live in iran and nobody has not credit card,here.please help me.(for example,you can send to me pdf format or other formats of the book) problems and solutions in mathematics (major american universities phd...