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    Polynomial factorization calculator and root finder

    Hello folks. I have written a Web calculator that can factor polynomials and it can also find exact roots using rational numbers and radical expressions. You can enter any polynomial expression in the input box. You can see it at: Currently, it can...
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    [Numerical methods] Smallest positive root

    With 15 or 16 decimals of precision, compute the smallest positive root of the equation: (x − 2)(x − 3)(x − 4)(x − 5)(x − 6)(x − 7)(x − 8)(x − 9)(x − 10) − ln x = 0 What was the accuracy obtained?
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    I made square and root calculator for Android!

    I created my own app! It is very simple and it might be useless for expert.. But it provides record and intuitive UI, I think. I would really appreciate if you could use it and leave a review. Thank you!:cool::cool:
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    Proof for square root series In this image I have a sum series and I need to proove that all the terms from the LHS are equal to the two terms from the RHS. I wrote a solution but I'm not 100% certain this is correct.
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    Equation for square root function graph

    Hi, I'm trying to determine the equation for the square root function. Starting point of the graph is at (3,5) pointing down and left and is a square root function. Second point is on (2,4). There seems to be a typo in the explanation in the answer. How...
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    Finding square root of matrix without eigenvector

    A is a 2x2 matrix. (0 -2) (2 0) Find the square root of this matrix. I managed to find one of the square root, because I know A is a 90-degree anti-clockwise rotation stretched by a factor of 2. So I just have to "half" that operation and I get (1 -1) (1 1) However, there...
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    Square root formulas

    I deduced a simpler formula for the square root using only one trigonometric function "acos", it is a controllable precision formula in advance, the correct decimals 2n are controlled by choosing n, based on the discovery of a pattern, the square root is proportional to the angle...
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    higher degree root expression

    what is the result of the expression in the attached? and how can i write these root signs here? i could not i tried to take in 1/3 root parantheses or other roots but didnt work
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    Question about proving the availability of double real root of a polynomial

    For part b, it is assuming that n is an odd number, so r-a = r+a Since the exponent of n-1 would be an even number for n being an odd number, is the equation of (r-a)^(n-1) = -(r+a)^(n-1) undefined? It is because any real number to a power of an even number cannot be negative. Please...
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    Need solve of integration.

    What is the integral of ∫ cos inverse(√x/√(x+a)) dx?
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    Root test for convergence

    Can someone assist me in solving this? "Use te nth-root test to find the conditions on the constant α in order that the series \sum _{n=1}^{\infty \:}\left(\frac{αn}{αn+1}\right)^{n^2}i^n is absolutely convergent
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    nth - root test - is this a mistake?? Help

    I need help with the following, but I am stuck. Is the i to the power n a typo? Please help me solve this question... "Use the nth-root test to find the conditions on the constant a in order that the series \sum _{n=1}^{\infty \:}\left(\frac{an}{an+1}\right)^{n^2}i^n is absolutely convergent
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    Complex root problem

    This seems pretty easy, but I cannot seem to have a possible solution for it and it goes: **PROBLEM**: If $a>e$, show that the equation $e^z = az^n$ has $n$ solutions inside the unit circle. Can someone show me how to do these roots problems formally so I can follow up and continue other...
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    Origin of proof of irrationality of square root of two

    What is the first known accepted proof of the irrationality of the square root of two or the n root of any prime preferably one that is attributed to someone?
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    root with probability

    Can be a question with root that engage probability?
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    root of positive number

    The root of 4 is 2 and not -2. Why is it? Is this a convention? Or there is another reason... Thank you for answering me. You are welcome!!!
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    Square root of multiplication of 2 primes is irrational

    **Before you start reading I must say I don't know how to use math symbols so sorry if it's really messy, and if you have a guide somewhere on how to write maths here I'd appreciate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to prove that sqrt(ab)...
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    The Mediant and new high-order root approximating methods.

    In number theory the generalization of the operation called: Mediant leads the way to new and extremely simple high-order root approximating methods which might be of interest to some number theorists, mainly because of its connection to true construction methods of real numbers...
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    Positive or negative root

    Hey, Just a quick question for advice on how you all remember to do this. Take the example: V^2=4 V=+\-square root(4) Excuse the lack of symbols, pretty new to posting online. I always forget to include the plus or minus sign before the square root. Does anyone have a quick mental way...
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    finding domain of square root function

    State the domain of the following function using interval notation. sqrt( -x^2 +10x -21) I got this answer (-infinity, -5-sqrt(46)] U [sqrt(46) -5, infinity) but it can't even be inputted in the answer part the answer part is as follows,(________,________) so I am not sure what to do.