1. S

    Algorithm for convert binary search tree to max heap

    Hello, I have BST in a custom size and I want to convert it to max-heap. What algorithm do we have for this? Thanks
  2. V

    Greatest Common Divisor of two specified sequences of numbers (search for equality)

    I consider two sequences of numbers $A=\{a_1,...,a_n\}$ and $B=\{k-a_1,...,k-a_n\}$, where $a_1 \le a_2 \le ... \le a_n \le k$. I am looking for such conditions under which: $gcd(a_1,...,a_n) = gcd(k-a_1,...,k-a_n)=1$. In more general form: $gcd(a_1,...,a_n) = gcd(k-a_1,...,k-a_n) \ge 1$...
  3. D

    Bone-Head in Search of Direction

    Hello out there! I'm trying to calculate true growth year over year, and I'm thinking myself in circles. I don't know whether I'm using the right terms. I understand basic growth% YoY which would be (TY-LY)/LY. That being said, I am trying to capture growth factoring in the change in...
  4. S

    Binary Search

    If f(x)=0 and a<x<b Computing the following gives: f(a)<0 f(b)>0 f((a+b)/2)>0 By using a binary search, how many iterations would be needed to arrive at an answer correct to 4dp? I'm completely lost here, am I looking in the right place with Binary logarithms? I have found the...
  5. L

    Geometry Question: Need the name of a skill, so I can search for it.

    Hi, I am doing Algebra 1 and geometry at Khan Academy. Algebra and geometry are like half-sisters. Sometimes, when I start something new in geometry, I don't know if it belongs only in the geometry province or if it is something in algebra I have not learned yet. This might be the case...
  6. M

    A conclusive search in Fermat's L.T.

    A CONCLUSIVE SEARCH IN FERMAT’S L. T. Unlike a pointless search for a contra case that has been proved to be non existent, this search which has been with the aim of finding the least magnitude value for D = A^p - B^p - C^p for all integer values of p above 2, has led to significant...
  7. hyperbola

    C Programming - Word Search Program bug

    The program is asks the user to read in two search words. The program asks the user to read in a file (txt). The program then counts the occurrence of each search word in the file. When the user reads in a search word, that search word is stored in temp. I then use strcpy(searchword...
  8. M

    Binary search tree problem

    hope this is the right section to put this. the problem: Let it be X set of integers. describe a data structure with linear size, based on Binary search tree, which supports the following methods: 1. insertion(a) - insert new integer a to X. 2. search(k) - return the k largest size...
  9. S

    Search - Gripping Maths Thriller - Free Today

    I came across Search by Matt Lynn on Kindle. It is a gripping thriller about a maths genius found murdered - and its free today. You can get it here - ... +matt+lynn Paul Turner was the greatest mathematician of his generation. But he was also...
  10. S

    Join me, search for counterexamples of Beal's Conjecture!

    Andrew Beal formulated a conjecture in 1993. For a proof or counterexample published in a refereed journal, Beal initially offered a prize of US dollar 5,000 in 1997, but raised it to 1,000,000 this Jun. Beal’s conjecture says that if A^x + B^y = C^z. where A, B, C, x, y, and z are positive...
  11. S

    Search for counterexamples of Beal's conjecture

    I’m a number theory lover but not an expert in the area. Recently, motivated by the report of Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google, I’m interested in searching for counterexamples of Beal’s conjecture. Billionaire banker Andrew Beal formulated this conjecture in 1993. For a proof or...
  12. F

    Average search cost of an unsuccessful search in a BST?

    I'm really bugging on a question I hope somebody here can help me! :cry: If we note by S_N the average search cost in the case of a successful search in a binary search tree and U_S in the case of an unsuccessful search, we can say that S_N = I/N, where I is the internal path length and N is...
  13. A

    specific search

    I have two products P1 = x1*x2*x3*...xn P2 = y1*y2*y3* ...yn xi,yi integers I want to make abs(P1/P2 - 1) the best smallest value by changing only one pair xi,yj in the products. f.e. x1*y3*x3.... and y1*y2*x2* ... I have to search for the best pair. I can do that by calculating all the...
  14. M

    Book search

    Hi everyone. I'm trying hard to search the book : Fursikov, A.V. and Imanuvilov, O. Yu. "Controllability of evolution equations" Lecture Notes Series 34, Research Institute of Mathematics, Global Analysis Research Center, Seoul National University, 1996. Where can I find this text? I'm...
  15. S

    Article search

    Where can I find an article: D. G. Higman, Combinatorial considerations about permutation groups, Lecture notes, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, 1972. Please help...
  16. I

    Search for long prime numbers

    I searched the web for an algorithm of test of primality, I found that AKS and Monte-Carlo are efficient with small numbers, say up to 7 digits (perhaps the source for this statement are wrong, I don’t know). I need for a software project a fast algorithm that test primality for numbers higher...
  17. S

    search index

    I have to prove the property: \forall i \in \{0, ... n \} \exists i' \in \{0, ... n \} (R_ {i}) ^ {-1} = R _ {i '} where (R_ {i}) ^ {-1} = \{(x, y) \in X \times X: (y, x) \in R_ {i} \}. R_ {i} = \{ \phi ( \sigma (x, y)) \in X \times X: \sigma \in G \} G - group of permutations \phi - action on...
  18. J

    wich is the best engine search journal in mathematics ?

    Hello ! i have a question. Wich is the best engine search, for journals in mathematics, for example Mathscinet or Google Scholar ?. THANK YOU !
  19. M

    In search of a formula.

    I didn't know how to define this problem, so I'll apologise in advance if it's in the wrong section! I'm a complete novice when it comes down to mathematics, but there is something that is bugging me sincerely, I'll put it into algebra form for you guys. I won't get into the details, but I was...
  20. T

    Extremum search

    Hello, I have the following exercise: f(x,y) = x^2 - 2xy + 2y^2 I want to search the extremum with help of a matrix. \frac{d}{dx} = 2x - 4y \frac{d}{dy} = -2x + 4y So I get the following matrix: \begin{array}{cc} \frac{d^2f}{d^2x} & \frac{d^2f}{dxdy}\\ \frac{d^2f}{dydx} & \frac{d^2f}{d^2y}\\...