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    Is this sentence necessary in the question?

    One trader calculates the percentage of profit on the buying price and another calculates on the S.P. When their selling prices are the same, then the difference of their actual profits is Rs 85 and both claim to have made 20% profit. What is the selling price of each? Is this sentence...
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    Relation Algebra, why is this PDL sentence equivalent

    In the book modal logic for open minds by johan van benthem there is on page 161 a statement that the sentence $\langle (R\lor S)* \rangle \phi$ is equivalent to the sentence $\langle (R* ; S*)* \rangle \phi$ (* means iteration and ; means composition here) So: $\langle (R\lor S)* \rangle...
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    what is the meaning of this sentence?

    x contains mixture of wine and water in A:B and y contains of wine and water C : D. How many liters of the former must be mixed with Z liters of the latter so that resultant mixture contains equal quantities of wine and water? My doubt is: what is the meaning of this sentence: "How many...
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    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence 3

    A common tangent that cuts the line joining the centers in between the two circles is called transverse common tangent. In general, for non-intersecting and non enclosed circles, two direct and two transverse common tangents can be drawn. Can anyone show me this above sentence in diagram. If...
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    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence 2

    Sentence: A tangent drawn common to two circles is called a direct tangent. If the tangent cuts the line joining the center not between the two circles but on one side of the circles. Can anyone show me this above sentence in diagram. If possible post equation also.
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    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence.

    Sentence: one and only one circle passes through any three given non collinear points Can anyone show me the above sentence in the diagram with some equation?
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    writing the sentence, as a statement

    Hello I will describe my problem, and some things from my book, then I will ask a question. Assume that the universe of discourse for the variable x is the collection of all persons. 1. Then my book says that we can write the sentence. "Some students are clever", as: \exists (x is a...
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    Complete the following sentence!

    When life hands you lemmas, .....
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    First order predicate calculus - Deriving a sentence

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to work something out. If I have a theory with the following axioms: 1. ?x.(x=x) 2. ?x?y.(x=y?(?(x,x)??(x,y))), where ? is any atomic formula. And any model of these axioms is an equivalence relation, how do I derive (¬?x?y(x=y)) from this theory? Would I be...
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    Could you help me understand one sentence about polynomial?s

    The sentence in question is the attachment below in big letters. Please explain to me, what kind of polynomials are members of this set P? For example, are polynomials x^3 + x/2 and x^3 + x^2 members of the set P?
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    Sentence and its strictly (in)finite models

    Let \psi be closed logical formula (sentence). 1) Does \psi exist so that \psi has only infinite models and \neg\psi has only finite models? 2) Does \psi exist so that \psi has only infinite models and \neg\psi has only infinite models? 3) Does \psi exist so that \psi has only finite models and...
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    Converting Sentence to Boolean Expression...

    Hey guys, If I have three variables: X, Y, and Z, and I want to convert "exactly two of the three variables" into a boolean expression, would I express that as... (X^Y^!Z) \/ (X^!Y^Z) \/ (!X^Y^Z) ...with ^ being AND, \/ being OR, and ! being NOT? Thanks!