1. L

    Cartesian slope rationality

    If a line coincides with at least two vertices on an infinite Cartesian grid, its slope is rational. If a line coincides with only one vertex on an infinite Cartesian grid, its slope is irrational. If a line coincides with no vertices on an infinite Cartesian grid, its slope is either...
  2. H


    Guys, I need help to find coordinates of A given these slopes of lines: 1. AB=-2/5 2. AD=5/2 3. BC=5/2 4. DC=-2/5 IF ABCD IS A RECTANGLE Give me A coordinates
  3. A

    Finding solution of slopes

    Hi, I'm trying to find the solution of these three equation. I have on my calculator (I'm a newbie on calculators), my answers are in coordinates. 1). Y = -7.14x + 13.52 ANS (1.91,.15) Y=12.23x-19.99 2). 1.1x-2.9y = 4.7. ANS (20.27,5.27) 15.95y = 6.05x -38.6 3). 0.3x-y = 16.1. ANS (-9,-19)...
  4. E

    Can You Calculate Angles Based On The Product Of Slopes?

    When two lines intersect, four angles adding up to 360 degrees are formed. If the two lines have slopes that multiply to -1 (perpendicular lines), all four angles are 90 degrees. If the lines are not perpendicular, there will be two pairs of vertical angles, so for example there could be two...
  5. H


    A housing development outside of Little Rock had sold 240 of its homes 1.6 years after its grand opening. After 4 years and 3 months, the number of homes sold rose to 450. If the number of sales continued to grow at the same rate, how many homes will have been sold at the 6-year mark? ANSWER...
  6. brhum

    x axis and y axis Product of slopes is equal to -1

    :cold:How can we prove that x axis and y axis Product of slopes is equal to -1
  7. S

    Help needed, please!

    Hello, I have a question the lines -4x +5y=-10 and 5x+ky=12 are perpendicular. What is the value k? I already know that the value of k is 4, but I can't come up with how to get it... The slope of a second line is reciprocal of first line which is -5/4... Please, help!!
  8. B

    Slopes and the first derivative

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am turning on the rusty math engine in my brain for the first time in a few years after graduating from college. I am fine combing through my econometrics textbook and came upon a graph where y = ln(x). At point (1,0), the textbook states that y = x - 1...
  9. M

    tangent lines and slopes

    y²=x³+?x+? ? and ? are real constants. Where do these curves have well defined tangent lines and slopes? Does this depend on the choice of ? and ?? So this basically equals y = ?x³+???x+?? I'm a little confused about how to approach this because I thought that root functions were undefined?
  10. C

    Line and Slopes

    1. Physical therapists recommend that ramps for people who use wheelchairs rise not more than 1 inch for each foot of forward motion. Formulat this recommendation in terms of slope. If the entrance to a certain public building is 30 ft from the sidewalk and the front door is 8ft off the...