1. H

    Can anyone solve this and show me how?

    Can someone solve this for me and tell me how to solve it also? pleease C(q)=q^3 =9q^2 + 50q+200 ; q ≥ 0 a) Find the inflection point (there is only one) and determine the intervals where the graph of C is concave up and concave down. b) Calculate the marginal cost at the inflection point. c)...
  2. F

    Solve Interest Rate Increasing Annuity

    The following formula gives the initial payment for an increasing annuity (see: P=V * (r-g)/(1-((1+g)/(1+r))^n) I need help solving for r. Can anybody help? Thanks
  3. E


    Solve for x 5^\sqrt{x}+12^\sqrt{x}=13^\sqrt{x} Answer is x=4. How to solve it? By taking the logarithms of both sides? Please give some hints. Thank you.
  4. W

    Can anybody solve this equation?

    When Nabil's age was same as Shuvo's present age, at that time Nabil's age was twice as Shuvo's age. When Shuvo's age will be same as Nabil's present age, the sum of their ages will be 63. What is the present age of each of them?
  5. W

    Can anyone solve this?

    please solve question 38 :):):)
  6. S

    Solve a trig equation

    Solve for x [(2tanx)/(2+sec^2(x))] - sin^2(x) = cos^2(x) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Also checking if the problem above may have been typed incorrectly on my worksheet. The rest of the answers on the page have been clear answers like 0,90, or 2/3 pi etc...
  7. idontknow

    Solve equation

    \underbrace{\displaystyle x^{x^{x\dotsc}}}_{\infty} =\sqrt{2}.
  8. U

    Please solve this

    Hello, I newbie here. And I'm here because there's no really good math forum in my country, so I start googling international math forum. I hope here I meet with people who are experts in mathematics. My wife is private teacher. She gets math questions from students at the book. This is simple...
  9. E

    Solve the inequality 2/x > 3x

    pls help:)
  10. G

    How to solve a distance problem ?

    A and B start from X and Y respectively at 10 am. They start moving towards Y and X respectively. If A reaches Y at 2 pm and B reaches X at 4 pm, then at what time do they meet? How to solve a distance problem ?
  11. idontknow

    Cannot solve integral

    Evaluate: \int_{0}^{1} \frac{x^{b}-x^{a}}{\ln(x)}dx\; . a\neq b, a,b>0.
  12. idontknow

    Solve for integers

    2a+3b =5ab. Find all pairs (a,b) .:)
  13. A

    Please help solve the equations

    Please help solve the equations
  14. E

    How can probability theory solve the most complicated problems of five unknowns?

    Greetings to All! How to solve such a difficult task? Perhaps there are complex theorems that only enlightened minds can understand? Value: q; w; u; h; m; Is known Value: A; B; C; D; E; Unknown Value: X; The same q = X * A w = X * B u = X * C h = X * D m = X * E Need to...
  15. G

    How to solve this Marked up price problem?

    A man marks up his goods by 15%. If he still incurs a loss of 5%, what percentage discount has he given to his customers? Mark up 15%; MP/CP = 115/100 Loss 5%; SP/CP = 95/100 MP/CP * Discount% = SP/CP 115/100* Discount% = 95/100 Discount% = 95/115*100 = 82.6% But answer is...
  16. C

    Idea to solve this integration

    I was trying to solve a differential equation that I defined to study the dynamics of a system. Meanwhile, I encounter integration. The integration is shown in the image below. I tried some solutions but I am failed to get a solution. In one solution, I took "x" common from the denominator terms...
  17. G

    How to solve this problem?

    How many numbers lie between 300 & 500 in which 4 comes only 1 time?? Pls explain this problem step by step. Is this problem belongs to permutation topic??
  18. B

    How to solve an algebraic equation with fractions with an unknown in the denominator

    There must be something simple I'm missing here, but this just isn't working out for me. How do I solve: (3 / 5x) - (2 / 6x) = (2 / x) + (7 / 3x) I will probably kick myself when I see the solution... Thanks in advance!
  19. F

    Can someone solve X in this

    Does a formula exist for this or am I out in left field? Here goes: Where X + 13% of X = 200. Solve X Note - The percentage and the number 200 are arbitrary. Either of these could be infinite.
  20. D

    how can I solve x/ln(x)=n

    Hi, I am working on some program and the answer for this education is very important. Should I use Lambert W-function and if I do then how? Can any one send the steps for solving this problem, for example? x/ln(x)=100 Okay, the answer to this can help me as well: 10t+e^t=100