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    Need assistance with solving and explanation of expressions

    I came across this equation and not familiar with the expressions and the result. Please provide input for both. Thank you.
  2. S

    solving (x+a)^2 d2y/dx2 -4(x+a) dy/dx + 6y = x

    Hi, my question is that can we find the particular integral of this kind of equation by variation of parameters? If yes, then what mistake did I make in my solution in the provided link? If this is not the method to adopt, what other method can we use?
  3. T

    Help solving this??

    Find the equation of a quartic polynomial whose graph is symmetric about the y -axis and has local maxima at (−2,0) and (2,0) and a y -intercept of -2
  4. P

    What's the fallacy here in the way I'm solving this inequation?

    Hi everyone! I'm learning inequalities. I do exercises and then use photomath app (fantastic app!) to verify my solutions. There's one inequality the app gives me a different answer to the one I'm getting at, but I can't see the mistake with the way I'm solving my inequality. Can anyone help me...
  5. B

    How to solve an algebraic equation with fractions with an unknown in the denominator

    There must be something simple I'm missing here, but this just isn't working out for me. How do I solve: (3 / 5x) - (2 / 6x) = (2 / x) + (7 / 3x) I will probably kick myself when I see the solution... Thanks in advance!
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    Need help solving a problem

    (@Mods: I'm not sure what section this question belongs to, so feel free to move it to another forum as you see fit) Hi, Assume you can only represent any value (V) with a combination of the four integers 1, 2, 4, 8 (J). Based on a value V, and the number of integers (P) of type J it is...
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    Solving for x

    So, my car broke down, and I am stranded. While I am waiting for my dad to get here, I am passing time by doing math problems. Here is one I just did: Solve for x ln(4x-2)=5 What I did was I took e, and I put it to the 5th power for 148.413.......... I added 2 for 150.413......... Then I...
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    Solving a system of equations

    I have the following equations: c_0 = \frac{T^2b_1 + 2Q_RR_0T + 2Q_RRT + 4Q_RR_0RC + 2b_1RCT}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} c_1 = \frac{T^2b_1 - 4Q_RR_0RC}{Q_RT + 2Q_RRC} c_2 = \frac{T^2b_1 - 2Q_RR_0T - 2Q_RRT + 4Q_RR_0RC - 2b_1RCT}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} a_1 = \frac{-8Q_RRC}{2Q_RT + 4Q_RRC} a_2 = \frac{-2Q_RT...
  9. C

    Solving recurrence of order n

    Hi, I came across this sequence $u_n$ where $u_1=1$ and subsequent terms are given by the recursive formula $$u_{n}-\sum_{k=1}^{n-1}T(n,k)u_{k}=f(n)$$ where $T(n,k)$ are real non constant coefficients and $f$ is a given function. Is there a general method to solve this equation? ... Thanks...
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    Solving Homogeneous Equation

    Hi, I have attached part of my steps for solving the homogeneous equation. The equation is proven to be homogeneous. However after using substitution of y=zx and its' derivative, I was not able to separate the variables conveniently as shown. Please advise. Thank you!
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    Percentage question and solving given average

    Hi I'm new here. I have a question about solving for an average number. It might be pretty basic but I'm just too tired to think tonight. I am trying to solve for what two proportions make up an average of 44% given that a occurs 73% of the time and another thing occurs 27% of the time. I...
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    Advice on solving calculus optimization & related rates problems?

    Hey. I'm looking for your advice on these 2 topics which are hard to master. Surely there's nothing common between every question and the other except the calculus you use, but i need to know what mistakes you used to fall in during solving these problems, advice / notes / experiences you...
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    Solving this Matrix quickly in an Exam

    Hi all, Does anyone know the best way to answer this maths question quickly? Get from the determinant 1 to the quadratic equation 2. Preferably on a casio calculator, Please see the attachments. Thank you!
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    Solving roots equation neatly

    I am to find all real solutions for this problem. $2\sqrt[3]{x^2}-\sqrt[3]{x}=1$ According to my textbook, the solutions are {-$\frac{1}{8}$, 1}. However, I keep getting {-$\frac{1}{2}$, 1} when I try to solve it more practically. I went on Symbolab to see how they do it and I learned if I...
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    Solving limits

    I asked some question about solving limits without derivatives and I solved this question using the method I learned from those questions I asked, but the sign of answer is different from what I have found can you please check my steps and see where I did wrong?
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    Solving a 3 variables equation, one happens to cause an oddity

    Hey, so we had this question in class: Given that the relationship between distance (m) and velocity (v) of an object is v^2 = 1 - m^3 Find the acceleration of the object when m=1 By taking the derivative of each side with respect to t 2v \frac{dv}{dt} =...
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    Solving in R

    Hello, I recently came here invited by a friend of mine into the forum, bless who can give me as much as details about this ^^ 1) Solve in R cos(3x)=1/2 2) Calculate cos(3x) according to cos(x)
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    Need formula for solving ellipse radius with equal spacing points

    I'm trying to build an oval bicycle wheel and need a formula to calculate the radii so that I can use the results to calculate the length for each spoke. See diagram for details. Hope someone can help.
  19. J

    solving difficult equation

    I am stuck trying to solve for B this equation: \[\exp\left(\frac{B}{\sum_{i=1}^{n}x_{i}}\right)= \sum_{i=1}^{n}z_{i}\exp(Bz_{i})\]
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    Solving for angles and sides

    11 and 13 I am having huge trouble with. 11 is: Joanne has to replace the two supporting guy wires for a hydro pole. She measures the distance between the base of the wires to be 10m, and their angle of inclination to be 50° and 35°. Determine the total length of the guy wire that needs to be...