1. N

    Could the Quantum Field be a combination of all fields and live in our temporal dimension with the fabric of Spacetime?

    I've been trying to separate the quantum field from spacetime this whole time, but now I think it is only the spatial dimensions that get granted to a physical/observed/decohered object. Could the unification of QM with GR be spatial vs temporal? good god No wonder the quantum field knows of...
  2. N

    Could the quantum field run off its own time that happens to be the same rate as spacetime?

    I'm convinced Spacetime and the Quantum Field are two separate realms. Quantum waves are not using Spacetime. If the quantum field has its own source of temporal, it would explain why unobserved waves are not moving faster than light. It would also explain the path of diffraction...
  3. N

    If spacetime is responsible for reality, does it mean it only handles real numbers? Are unobserved quantum waves using imaginary numbers in the Qfield

    It couldn't be that simple could it? Is decoherence assigning real numbers to a quantum wave that was using imaginary numbers?
  4. N


    Gravity is the missing link between QM and GR. Matter Waves do not have gravity, do not age, and are not physical. Spacetime(gravity/age/physicality/local/phase velocity) is assigned via decoherence. The quantum/classical boundary is the mass of 0.3 micrometers because gravity can't be...
  5. J

    Why are only unobserved particles allowed to partake in quantum weirdness events?

    Doesn't it seem odd that if spacetime was involved (observed) they would NOT be permitted to entangle, tunnel, or go into superposition?
  6. D

    Spacetime originates in the fourth dimension ..that is the only part Einstein didn't see.

    The dimension we know as Time(temporal) is a duality with spatial. I am renaming the dimension of Time, SpaceTime. The dimension of spacetime is space and time ..shocking I know. The fabric of spacetime is 4D and has a frame rate. Whenever the dimension of spacetime gets involved, a physical...
  7. 5

    What if spacetime has an extra spatial dimension that is large?

    Would physics break? It would allow separate frames of reference to scale ..we know it is doing this because the speed of light is the same in time dilation volumes. Gravitational waves fluctuate the scale of reality as they pass. It could make cosmic voids expand and black holes contract. This...
  8. 4

    The fabric of spacetime is a single FIVE-dimensional manifold

    Four dimensions of space and One dimension of time This allows for frames of reference to scale and hold the speed of light to be the same no matter the time dilation. Early in this video it demonstrates what we perceive as 3D scale is actually 4D Is gravity weak because mass from 3D objects...
  9. T

    The Fabric of Spacetime

    Unobserved QM = Quantum Field waves Duality = QFT (both spacetime and the quantum field) (no quantum weirdness except for wobble ..and the quantum Zeno effect, the quantum field is still making it ageless.) Spacetime = GR The fabric of spacetime is a little more interesting than GR defines...
  10. steveupson

    timespace, a quantum analog to spacetime

    My understanding of science is that it is a process. Skepticism plays an important role, but the doubt should be reserved for the theories, without prejudice. What we are presenting is a block diagram of a theory of everything, and it is based on some previously unknown mathematics that we...
  11. T

    Sea ships and their space-time equations

    On different days, two sea ships and their space-time equations (coordinates in km and hours) were observed: Find out whether the boats have different velocities or different courses. My question: Since the coordinates are time and space, how do I plot these on a graph? Can I do the...
  12. L

    Connecting spacetime curvatures

    Can the connected curvatures of the universe be more than one of flat, positive or negative?
  13. A

    Tailoring elements demonstrating spacetime transformation?

    Dr. Chris Nagel has been able to, by manipulating the knotted structure of matter with light, craft magnetized copper, transparent copper, iron harder than diamond, nickle you can shatter like glass with a hammer, and dozens of other elements with tailored properties. His patent claims...
  14. L

    Prove of existence of another reality beyond our Space-time universe

    First of all, let's ask, if our universe is perfect or not. One of forms to see this, is look for the qualities presents in our universe and compare to qualities of a perfect universe, we will see what in our universe the quality of things vary, while in a perfect universe they don't. So, we...