1. G

    Is there any wrong in this question statement?

    In 8 years, amount becomes 17 times of P. So in 15 years, amount becomes how much? A) This is the shortcut: \large \frac{8}{?} = \frac{17-1}{n_{2}-1} → \frac{8}{15} = \frac{16}{n-1} → n = 31 \; times Is there any wrong in question: Is it amount becomes 17 times of P or P becomes 17...
  2. idontknow

    Triangle statement

    Prove that the sum of any two lengths of a triangle is larger than the one left . Assume the triangle’s lengths are a,b,c .
  3. G

    How to represent this statement in graph form?

    How to represent this statement in a diagram? Statement: My friend represented this sentence "Two forces have magnitude of 3N and 5N, and have an angle of 60 between them" into this diagram: But why didn't he represent like this?:
  4. W

    True statement describing the solution of the system

    Hi there, Could anyone please explain how to solve this question? Thanks:)
  5. B

    Gödel's theorem is invalid his G statement is banned by axiom of the system he uses

    Godels theorem is invalid as his G statement is banned by an axiom of the system he uses to prove his theorem a flaw in theorem Godels sentence G is outlawed by the very axiom he uses to prove his theorem ie the axiom of...
  6. E

    Is This A Statement About Probability That Is Always True?

    If there are x trials, the same x possibilities for each trial, and the probability of each outcome on each trial is 1/x, what is the probability that x trials will have each outcome happen once. Am I correct in saying that it is x!/(x^x). It works for two coins, where the probability of one...
  7. L

    Is it a true statement ?

    If $f: R -> R$ is integrable then $f(\sqrt {|x|})$ is integrable. Is it always true? Please explain. Thanks.
  8. Chemist116

    How to find the correct statement in this cubic function?

    $\textrm{The problem is as follows:}$ $\textrm{The function f(x) is defined as:}$ $$f(x)=x^{3}-x+b$$ $\textrm{where x-intercept is (a,0)}$ Which of the following statements for $a$ and $b$ are correct? $1.\,|a|<\frac{2\sqrt{3}}{3},\,b=a(1-a^{2})$...
  9. S

    Use proof by contraposition to prove that the following statement

    Hi, can someone please help me out on this, it's been driving me crazy for 2 days. The question is Use proof by contraposition to prove that the following statement is true for all positive integers n. If 5(^n) − 4 is prime, then n is odd. I've used contraposition to change the...
  10. E

    Interpreting a statement f(x,y)

    f(x,y) = a function in x and y so for a circle f(x,y) will be plotted on the x,y plane. However sometimes at school a function f(x,y) = function in x and y is sketched on the x,y and z axis. Is there a detail i am missing? I can't picture this in my mind.
  11. K

    How to write a statement

    I have a problem So my variables will be Y = Youngest M = Second youngest (middle) O = Oldest T = Total I know so far T = 54000 Y = M x 2 O = (M + Y) / 2 How do I write this so the state ends = 54000? Or am I really trying to find the value of M to solve this?
  12. M

    Need help in proving that this statement is valid.. (for propositional logic)

    Hi guys.. good day. I was tasked to prove that this statement is valid using Chain of Reasoning, Proof by Contradiction, and Proof by Resolution: (Q ⇒ P) ⇒ P (Q ⇒ Q) ⇒ S (S ⇒ R) ⇒ ~(R ⇒ P) ∴ S However, I'm having a tough time in doing so, as I am stuck on simplifying...
  13. C

    Anyway to proof or disproof this statement?

    Please refer from attachment 1 all the question and details are there. Attachment 2 to 7 is just a supplementary material which support the 1st statement.
  14. M

    What is wrong with this statement?

    "A function f(x,y,z) whose level sets are concentric cylinders centered on the y-axis." what is wrong with this statement? I think that what is wrong, is that it should be centered around the origin, instead of the y axis...
  15. D

    how prove this statement on hyperbolic

    Hi, so in the picture below I have solved (a) question, but (b) is hard for me; so any ideas??
  16. E

    Help with Math Statement about Art

    One of the judges for the Math Art show asked me to clarify or strengthen the math behind the art. Maybe someone can help me with this? I was thinking that this might be the Galileo paradox but unsure. Well, if you can then let me know; thanks! "An infinite amount of radii in any circle...
  17. R

    Is there a statement equivalent to its own converse?

    I know of a lot of pairs or sets of mathematical statements that are equivalent to each other, e.g.: Pasch's axiom and the plane separation axiom, the different statements of the axiom of choice, Playfair's axiom and Euclid's fifth postulate. That got me wondering, is there any mathematical...
  18. M

    Proportionality statement

    P = 432 / V Find the positive value of V when P = 3V Thanks for your help :)
  19. F

    Is the problem statement wrong or me?

    [Question] Problem statement: 300 tickets were sold in a baseball match. The price per ticket was: Adult - $7.50 Senior Citizen - $3.50 Children - $4.00 The total revenue for the match was $3,025. Twice as many adult tickets were sold as children tickets. How many of each ticket-type was sold...
  20. C

    Possible to form a new theorem with this statement?

    If E=f(p,v) and there exist 3 process, process A dE/dv=-f(p),process B dE/dv=0,process C dE/dv=f(p) than a negative backward step of dv by process A follow by 2 forward step of dv process B is equivalent to a single forward step of dv by process C provided dv tend to 0. Refer attachment for...