1. E

    Scattered data

    If A=1,2,3,10 and B=1,1,1,13 Which one has more scattered data A or B and why?
  2. D

    Finding the frequencies with missing values.

    In short, the problem is as follows: We asked n=40 households about the sizes of their houses. All the answers are measured in m² and fall into 5 classes. From all the received data we know the mean is 95.625m² and the median is 85.385m² Question 1: Column (hi) represents the absolute...
  3. R

    Which statistic test?

    Any chance you know the answer to this? I know it's not paired t-test but don't know which of the others it is A hotel manager would like to test whether the average time taken for customers to complete the hotel's online booking form is less than 5 minutes. She selects a sample of 40...
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    I have to say if my correlation is significant or not so I did a t-test but I don't know what to do with the outcome. I calculated my correlation using excel = 0,754651674 R= 0,754651674 R square= 0,569499149 variance 57% -> strong connection Test statistic t = r/√1-r²/n-2...
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    I have to say if my correlation is significant or not so I did a t-test but I don't know what to do with the outcome. I calculated my correlation using excel = 0,754651674 R= 0,754651674 R square= 0,569499149 variance 57% -> strong connection Test statistic t = r/√1-r²/n-2...
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    153 Probable Statistic Math

    I need help step-by step showing how you got the answer Please Five percent of the eyeglasses sold at an optical retailer have tinted lenses. Forty pairs of glasses are sold on a particular day and six have tinted lenses. Identify n, p, and x. n = p = x =
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    IB math exploration

    Hi, I am currently in my second year of the IB programme, I'm trying to do my internal assessment on caffeine intake vs number of words completed in a text vs errors. My aim is to explore whether caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee does affect your writing skills. I use an online speed typing...
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    p.d.f of sufficient statistic

    Hi, If someone could help explain the first step in this example, it would be very much appreciated: Consider a random sample X1,X2,...Xn of size n from the Uniform(0,θ) distribution, where θ > 0. Show that the p.d.f q(t|θ) of the sufficient statistic T(x) ≡ max Xi is given by...
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    Statistic With No Population?

    Can a statistic ever be calculated based solely on a sample with no population to compare it to? Or I guess another way to put it is, when the sample is the population? What I’m wondering about this for is the philosophical argument of the universe’s fine-tuning, which partially bases...
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    Help me a statistic question

    According to the government of Manitoba, the average hourly wages are as follows: Alberta: $22.02, Ontario: $20.18, British Columbia: $20.05. a. Suppose 42 workers are selected randomly from across Alberta and asked what their hourly wage is. What is the probability that the sample average...
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    I need help with this statistic question please!

    A fast food restaurant reports that the mean food energy of their cheese burger is 1311kJ with a standard deviation of 100kJ. In a random sample of 5 cheese burgers it was found that the food energy content was 1290, 1443, 1421, 1390, 1475 kilojoules. (a) Find the sample mean food...
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    Statistic Math problem

    In a factory of bulbs , the samples of bulbs is 100 . 700 hours has stayed on 10 bulbs , 750 hours - 17 bulbs , 850 hours - 35 bulbs , 950 hours - 28 bulbs , 1000 hours - 10 bulbs . Find the average value of hours stayed on PS . Sorry for my english.
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    Help me an easy statistic question

    A 10 minute telephone call to London via AT&T cost $12 in 1976 and $14.10 in December 2011 using a calling plan. Compare the real costs of these calls. By what percentage did the real cost go down between 1976 and December 2011? The CPI in December 2011 was 225.7. CPI in 1976 was 56.9 I got...
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    statistic. how do I get this answer?

    The diameters of bearing journals ground on a particular grinder can be described as normally distributed with mean 2.0005 in. and standard deviation .0004 in. (a) If engineering specifications on these diameters are 2.0000 in. +/- .0005 in, what fraction of these journals are in...
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    Statistic and Probability - PLEASE HELP :(

    One year, at England University, there were these FOUR students who were taking Chemistry and who did pretty well on all of the quizzes and labs. These students were so confident that they decided to party the weekend before their final exams. They partied and drank alcohol, which resulted in...
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    [statistic] Problem with probability

    Can someone explain me those results please : Group of children consists of 9 boys and 6 girls. Children randomly divided into a queue. What is the probability ... a.) that the girl is on 3rd place in queue b.) to stand together all boys and all girls together c.) that the queue does not begin...
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    Minimal sufficient statistic & MLE

    Can anybody please help me with this question. How would you go about answering a question like this? Any help would be highly appreciated The problems are in image files. please help me.!
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    Evaluate statistic question

    Given: X1=22 x2=14 x3=15 x4=26 x5=18 y1=9 y2=15 y3=21 y4=20 y5=10 \sum_{i=1}^{4}x_i y_i do i need to add xi and yi?
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    statistic and probability is is correct?

    Can someone tell me if this is correct? four American, three Italians and three Germans are seated at random in a row. what is the probability that 1) those of the same nationality are seated together? 2)Germans are seated together and non-German are seated together solution: sample space 10...
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    Statistic: Expected outcome of gambling

    Studying for a stats final, and came across this problem that I'm not quite sure what to do, any help is appreciated. Gambles are independent, and each one results in the player being equally likely to win or lose 1 unit. Let W denote the net winnings of a gambler whose strategy is to stop...