1. arnuld

    Which Math topic and book to study?

    In my school and college, I always hated Math. Now while having midlife crisis, I realized that it was not about Maths but the way it was taught. I found some meaning and and real happiness in Data Science, So I here is what happened: I started taking MOOC like Descriptive and Inferential...
  2. S

    HELP!!!Pre-Calculus Advance study question

    1. Find the vertex , the focus , the axis of symmetry and the directrix of the parabola defined by the equation 2y²+8y²+x+1=0 2. Find the vertex , the focus , the axis of symmetry and the directrix of the parabola defined by the equation x²-8x-y+2=0 4. Find an equation of the parabola with...
  3. S

    The study of logic.

    I read philosophy, but it has become very apparent that mathematical logic is going to become necessary to understand most of the modern works. Now, I haven't taken many math courses, the last of which was Algebra 2. (I've never had difficulty with maths, but the subject never jumped out at me...
  4. M

    need a self study book

    Hi. I decided to take up math and need some self-study books on algebra and precalculus. I need some recommendations and where to start.
  5. E

    Academic Guidance How do you study for a maths exam?

    Hello, first of all i want to say sorry for my bad english. I am studing now for my final exams in thee degree of maths and i want ask, how do you study for a exam? Do you only read your notes of the course? Do you use books? Only do exercises? Do you do your own notes?... thanks for all!
  6. B

    Just got back into Community College math. I'm in MTE 2 now. Help where I can study

    I really struggle with math and wanted a leg up to pass MTE-2. MTE-2 Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents Is there a recommendation or site I should focus on to learn how to ace the upcoming class? One of my friends explained it deals with MTE 1- Operations with Positive...
  7. A

    Math study group

    Hey, I just finished my school semester and was thinking about doing some math or other sorts of study for fun. I know almost as much as I think a person with a BA in Math knows, but would like to investigate maybe Graph Theory, Differential Equations, Topology and Geometry more than I...
  8. M

    how to study a maths textbook?

    how do you study a maths textbook independently? for example, say i wanted to study wade's analysis cover to cover and had a few months to do this in, what would be the best approach? my current idea is to copy/take notes on the book and do the exercises. would just reading and doing the...
  9. J

    Academic Guidance Self study full sequence

    I was reading a blog regarding composing a full cs degree though free online resources. I would like to hear comments regarding equivalent undergraduate degree in math using online resources and books. I have take a few college math courses a while ago, though I would like to start from calc 1...
  10. B

    How much Maths knowledge does one need to study and grasp geometry?

    Hello, I'm very interested in studying geometry for my own specific interests. However, my time is limited and I do not have much time to spare in studying other maths topics. So, with a limited maths knowledge how far could I get in understanding geometry? Thanks!
  11. M

    How many mathematics textbooks is it realistic to study cover to cover

    if I start at age 23, with the background of half a degree in the subject? And what series of textbooks would you recommend?
  12. V

    Academic Guidance What and how to study

    Hi I am 28 and I decided to try math again. I used to be a good math student until 9 th grade. But than it got really really bad. I absolutely fell behind and math became a nightmare for me. I think that my failure was due to psychological factors and a very fast paced curriculum. Now I want...
  13. M

    Academic Guidance I am not good at maths can you help me

    Hello everybody, my name is May and I am 17 years old from Greece. I have a problem with mathematics; I find myself very troubled with them but I can understand the theory and the equations... it's just that I am learning really slow, I mean I need a very close and simple explanation so I can...
  14. M

    How Best To Independently Study Undergrad and grad level maths textbooks

    I have a fair number of undergrad and grad level maths textbooks. I want to study them for my own interest. I have been studying 3 pearls of number theory this week by taking notes on it using LaTex. Is this pointless? Should I just read the book? In general, should I just read the...
  15. G

    Is a study of difference equations a useless endeavor?

    I am doing a very minor summer internship at a local university. We are using difference equations to model some biological processes, a method which is new to me. Using them made me become more interested in dynamical systems than I already had been(which wasn't very much). I've already had a...
  16. J

    Thoughts on lockharts lament? + how do you study math? It makes a very strong argument that the way math is taught today is terrible, and offers better ways to study math. Thoughts/opinions on this?? I'm changing the way I study now.
  17. N

    Reference book suggestion to study Rational root theorem

    Hey, I am preparing for a Math olympiad, so while searching for something related to Quadratic Equations, I stumbled upon this thing called Rational root theorem (and Gauss's lemma) and did some research about it on the net. I thought it could be a great tool in my preparation. So what I would...
  18. L

    Any recommended study material?

    I did not learn algebra at school for various reasons. I am now self teaching myself for the ACT. I have been studying about x, * and Can do basic stuff and when I say basic... I mean basic. I want to find something thats more challenging but I don't want to do something that is so hard it's...
  19. M

    Easiest order in which to study Calculus Topics

    Okay, this is asking a lot, so sorry in advance, but... I took Calculus a couple years ago, and passed with a C. At the time I didn't really care and I took the course to get the credit and now remember nothing. Well I need to take Calculus 2 this summer, and I was wanting to brush up/get a jump...
  20. T

    Find the Arc Length study help

    Understood everything until the end. What happened on the last line?