1. R

    new symbol for negative integers

    Circling the negative number signifies that the amount is Owed because the amount is not produced until it is paid. A class at Umass spoke about this that I was in, but we may have spoke oppressively so this is to be certain people have the discussion if it was an idea that people incorrectly...
  2. P

    Calculator app inputting & displaying Currency Symbols. Do you feel it is useful to input & display Currency Symbols in Calculator device? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  3. S


    Who first introduced the symbol $x^{-1}$ for reciprocal of a number x? Kindly provide some website link to support your answer.
  4. C

    Where is the problem?? Norm residue symbol

    Hello Let $p$ be a rational prime such that $p\equiv 3\mod 8$ and let $\mathfrak p$ the unique prime ideal of $\mathbb{Q}(i)$ laying over $p$. Applying the norm residue properties i get : 1) $\left(\frac{2,p}{\mathfrak p}\right)=\left(\frac{2}{\mathfrak p}\right)^{v_{\mathfrak p}(p)}=...
  5. Z

    Evaluation Symbol

    How do you do this (evaluation symbol) with a tall bar, similar to integral? {|^{a}}_{-a} Thanks
  6. C

    Help please. Hilbert symbol

    HELLO 1) Let K be a number field, p a rational prime and P a ramified prime ideal of K laying over p. Is it true that: (x,p)_P=(x/P) where (.,.)_P is the quadratic Hilbert symbol and (./P) is the second power residue symbol and x is an element of K (or a unit of K) ?? 2) Can you...
  7. D

    Meaning of a symbol?

    What is the meaning of the following symbol: ≍ I searched some information around the net, but it did not help me.... Every opinion will be highly appreciated....
  8. T

    What this symbol mean limits.

    So as I have been practice using limits, I wanted to use them to help me find a domain to the function. Here is the function: f(x)=ln\frac{1+x}{1-x} So I took the limit of the function and got a bit lost, so I went on to symbo lab to see where I had gone wrong and this ans cam up \lim...
  9. Chikis

    How to show the symbol of pi

    How do I show the left and right bracket using latex, and also the pi symbol?
  10. Chikis

    Therefore symbol

    How do I show 'therefore' using latex?
  11. C

    What does symbol mean

    Hi, Often in my notes there is what look likes a large pi sign. I found matching notation on this site in the section "The likelihood function - Proof" Normal distribution - Maximum likelihood estimation Please can someone explain what it means or point me to some wiki page. Thanks
  12. Chikis

    Maths symbol

    What are these mathematical symbols: (1) [] (2) {} Are they all braces? If they are braces, how can I diffrenciate between the two kinds of braces? What are their uses and how do I use them?
  13. Chikis

    Root symbol

    If I want to show root symbol other than square root symbol, how do I do it? For example, if I want to show third root, fourth root, fifth root symbol, etc, how do I do it?
  14. X

    statistical symbol help.

    Hello , I am trying to describe a set probability constant being changed into a multifunction variable , x=constant σ²{X}=Y Y being a new set, would this formula explain this?
  15. 1

    How do you write the real number symbol?

    I'm genuinely curious about this. How does one write the symbol denoting the set of real numbers on paper? Does one need to write two overlapping Rs? Thanks.
  16. J

    Question on the symbol sign.

    For example, a brick is dropped down a disused well, 50m deep. So I know that a=9.8, s=50 and v=0 So, s=vt-\frac{1}{2}at^2 50=-\frac{1}{2}(9.8)t^2 50=-4.9t^2 t^2=-10.204 As I know, negative value can't be squared root. But if I ignore the negative sign, I will get the answer...
  17. M

    Questions about QRs and Legendre symbol

    [SOLVED] Questions about QRs and Legendre symbol Textbook: A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory 4th by Silverman When p is prime, a\overwithdelims () p = \begin{cases} 1 & \text{if } a \text{ is a QR modulo p,} \\ -1 & \text{if } a \text{ is a NR modulo p} \end{cases} For me, QRs...
  18. S

    How to calculate a sum with Newton symbol to get the 4th moment

    I have to calculate the 4th moment for a probability distribution: P(X = r) = { n \choose r } p^r(1 - p)^{n - r} where: r = 0, \dotsc, n. Obviously, I get an equation E(X^4) = \sum_{r = 0}^n r^4 { n \choose r } p^r(1 - p)^{n - r}. How to calculate this sum? Is there a general method for...
  19. harismannizar

    Symbol in geogebra?

    hi friend I still confuse, how to write in GeoGebra for "the greatest integer less than or equal to x"?:cool:
  20. M

    Mathematical symbol for daily heat !

    Hi everybody, We know that Q (in Q=m Cp ∆T) is total heat delivered or removed by a system, I am just wondering if I want to refer to the total amount of heat delivered in the course of a day, what notations would I use? I was thinking that ∆ in mathematics refers to change over a...