1. idontknow

    Theory about limits

    Prove the following statements : After the limit turns to be an equation where L=pL or another transformation , then : For p>1 , L=\infty ; For p<1 L=0 Example: L=\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty} \dfrac{n^2 }{2^n }=\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty} \dfrac{n^2 +2n +1 }{2^{n+1} }=\dfrac{1}{2}L. Since...
  2. Split39

    I have a few questions about set theory ,Please help

    I am not sure whether this is the right section to ask this question. I want to learn Set theory from the basics for an exam I want to attend next year. I don't know where to begin. Can someone recommend some websites or books? Thanks.
  3. E

    How can probability theory solve the most complicated problems of five unknowns?

    Greetings to All! How to solve such a difficult task? Perhaps there are complex theorems that only enlightened minds can understand? Value: q; w; u; h; m; Is known Value: A; B; C; D; E; Unknown Value: X; The same q = X * A w = X * B u = X * C h = X * D m = X * E Need to...
  4. D

    What is this theory called?

    \sqrt{4}=-2 I was said that above equation is false. And also, \sqrt{a^2}=\left|a\right| \mathrm{For}\:a\ge \:0\:\mathrm{rewrite\:}\:\sqrt{a^2}=\left|a\right|\:\mathrm{\:as}\:\sqrt{a^2}=a...
  5. M

    Category Theory - Monad

    Hello, I am a programmer and encountered Monad as functional programming pattern. I want to deeply learn the concept so I learned some points from category theory which can explain me Monad from math's perspective. I learned composition, functor, natural transformation and adjunction. I...
  6. S

    Number theory maybe?

    Hello. So someone gave me this question that I do not know how to solve (nor does he). We can take a whole lot of cases, but is their a better solution for this problem? Problem: Let n be a natural number more than 1. Prove that their are not more than 23 primes in the range 10n to...
  7. W

    Geometric control theory

    What actually the difference between classical control theory and geometric control theory? Are there any problems which cannot be solved by classical theory? Thank you!
  8. L

    Elements of game theory

    The federal government desires to inoculate its citizens against a certain flu virus. The virus has two strains, and the proportions in which the two strains occur in the virus population are not known. Two vaccines have been developed. Vaccine 1 is 85% effective against strain 1 and 70%...
  9. P

    Theory Of Equations

    A thread dedicated to discussing equation solving with special emphasis on the theory of polynomial equations
  10. I

    Finance theory

    Hello :) Can you help me please about the exercise: A customer deposits 10,000 dollars each month for a year (Total is 12 deposits), when interest is 2%. After the last deposit, the customer will start to withdraw the money each month for a year (12 withdrawals), when interest is 1%. Two...
  11. J

    How can we prove theorems about number theory?

    How can we prove theorems about number theory? Is there an approach for this? I want to prove multiple theorems
  12. B

    Axiomatic set theory ZFC is inconsistent thus mathematics ends in contradiction

    Axiomatic set theory ZFC is inconsistent, thus mathematics ends in contradiction: Axiomatic set theory ZFC was in part developed to rid mathematics of its paradoxes, such as Russell's paradox. The axiom in ZFC developed...
  13. J

    Set Theory Question

    Hard set theory question please help ASAP Out of a group of boys, 36 don’t have PS4, 70 don’t have an XBOX, whilst 61 have both a PS4 and an XBOX. If 68 boys have one or other machine, but not both, then how many teachers are in the group?
  14. J

    Best theory book to accompany "Problems in Mathematical Analysis- Demidovich"

    Hello all, I'm certain that many of you know Demidovich's problems books: -Problems in Mathematical Analysis- Demidovich -5000 problemas de análisis matemático. My question is: Is there any theory book to accompany this titles? BR
  15. K

    Pure strategy in Game Theory

    Hello. One of the very basic questions I have in Game Theory is about Pure strategy. Based on the reading as I understand it, "Pure Strategy is the only strategy for the player which is also the winning strategy." Am I correct about this understanding? On the other hand, Mixed strategy...
  16. J

    Module theory in abstract algebra

    Hello guys, my lecture ask me to find the application of module theory in real life. Anybody can give me some example? :spin::spin::spin:
  17. C

    genera theory

    Hello can anyone please tell me some references for reading about the genera theory on a number field (not just a quadratic field or biquadratic),(genus, principal genus ...) Thank you
  18. S

    Numeric sequence

    I have a numeric sequence: l(n)=sum[from k=1 to n](4k-1)*l(n-k) l(0)=1 Is there a function f(x) that satisfies l(n)? And if so, what is it?
  19. H

    Physical theory from a list of facts

    Hi, I have this idea: To develop some physical theory, the man needn't to be physicist. What is (I think) only needed is some list of facts of the world around us and the theory can be developed according to these facts - in therms of logical inspection. These facts can be eg. description of...
  20. M

    Probability Theory Video Course

    Course page: Exam 1/P: Probability Hi everyone! I created a video course teaching probability theory mainly for students looking to pass Exam P. This is the probability actuarial exam needed to earn the ASA and ACAS designations. If you’re considering the actuarial profession and taking...