1. Chemist116

    How do I find the total acceleration in a pendulum?

    The problem is as follows: The diagram from below shows a pendulum. It is known that the magnitude of the tension of the wire is five times of that the weight of the sphere which is attached to. Acording to this information indicate True or False to the following statements: I. The...

    General expression for the total length

    i want to derive an expression to calculate the total length of the green lines in the following figure. 1. Firstly we have a L-shape frame of green lines. 2. Horizontal green lines are places inside the frame starting from the bottom, each "D" distance apart. 3. Vertical green lines are...
  3. G

    What is the total gain of the trader?

    A trader marked his goods at 20% above CP of rs 245346. He sold half of the stock at MP & one quarter at discount of 20% on MP and rest is at discount 40% on MP. Find total gain? Sol: CP 100 corresponds to MP 120 50 corresponds to 60 25 corresponds to 24 25 corresponds to 18 100 corresponds...
  4. G

    How total is 47?

    In a row, Radha is 17th from the left end. Pintu is 24th from the right end of the row when they interchange their positions. Pintu becomes 31st from the right. Find (i) Total Total is 47. I didn't understand this position type problem.
  5. G

    What is the total summation of moments at A ?

    What is the total summation of moments at A? I tried \sum M_{A} = F.(d+d` )-F(d+d` )-F.d I am getting negative answer.
  6. B

    The total value of withdraws made during Day?

    I don't know what to do for question (ii). Help me, please, I'm lost. I don't know where to begin. I have an exam tomorrow on this topic, so I require a bit of help because I had been sick a lot. I missed a lot of school, so I missed the topic. Thanks for answering the question. For part (i), I...
  7. R

    Finding the route with the help of arc and total

    Hi! I have a car-network and by using PCPP I have gotten the number of times a road is crossed and the total cost of the optimal route. What is the easiest way to find the optimal route?
  8. idontknow

    Total time problem

    First worker capacity alone to do the work : 12 hours Second worker capacity alone to do the work : 6 hours They start working together for 3 hours and then the second worker continues to work alone . How much time the second worker did work ?
  9. H

    Total yield

    Hello, I'm unsure about a simple total yield math problem. Here it is: If a project is USD100 and in year 1 you make USD10 rent and in year 2 you make USD12 and in year 3 you make USD12 and in year 3 you sold the project for USD128 at the end of year 3 with a rental yield of 7%. What is the...
  10. N

    Total Power in 3 phase system.

    Hi All, How do I calculate the total power by a 3 phase electrical supply when the rms input voltage = 350v? The power is delivered along a wire with a resistance of 0.170 ohm. Am I correct in saying V^2 / R = P = 720588.2353. MW megawatts answer. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. X

    Number of beads total

    Siti had 135 more red beads than blue beads. After she used half of the red beads and 1/5 of the blue beads, there was an equal number of red beads and blue beads. How many beads did Siti have at first? My work. Number of red beads = R Number of red beads = B [1] Siti had 135 more red beads...
  12. X

    Total money Ann had at first?

    Raju and Ann had 450 dollars at first. Raju bought some books and had 3/5 of his money left. Ann bought some puzzles and was left with 2/5 of her money. Raju and Ann spent an equal amount of money. How much did Ann have at first? My work: Number of money Raju had = R Number of money Ann...
  13. R

    Total Combinations

    Hi Forum, I have 10 football matches being played on the weekend (Team 1 vs Team 2, Team 3 vs Team 4...Team 19 vs Team 20). I want to have a bet on a multi/parlay/accumulator with 4 teams in the bet. I want to work out how many combinations of 4 teams (each playing in different matches)...
  14. G

    [average] What is the total weight of the boys?

    In a class, the average weight of girls is six kg less than the average weight of boys. The numbers of boys and the numbers of girls are the same. The average weight of boys is three kg more than the numerical value of the number of girls. If the average weight of the girls is 22 kg, What is the...
  15. G

    Find the average weight of the total students.

    The average weight of 30 students is x kg and the average weight of another 30 students is y kg. The ratio of x and y is 2:3. Find the average weight of the total students. I tried: \frac {30(X) + 30(Y)}{X+Y} $\frac {X}{Y}$= \frac{2}{3} X = \frac {2Y}{3} \frac {30(\frac {2}{3})Y +...
  16. Chemist116

    How do I find the number of elements in differents sets when the total is not given?

    The problem is as follows: In an institution they offer three language courses one being German, the other French and the last one Polish. Four students enrolled in the three courses, six students in Polish and German and seven in French or Polish. If all students enrolled in Polish also...
  17. T

    Find Total Bit Difference

    How do you determine what the bit number difference using Hexadecimal? Searching online and only finding a calculator for convert into binary or decimal. Ciphertext1 Hexadecimal - 4fab160df31483063a0759055a506a7c Ciphertext2 Hexadecimal - 7edbef6e5cc23adde6e2bf5b6d03fb38 I am to compare...
  18. A

    Pointwise, total convergence, and sum of a (power?) sequence

    Hi guys... I seriously cannot help myself solving this problem: \sum_1^\infty n^{2}e^{-nx^2-nx} (I'm not that good writing formulas but "n=1" and "+inf" are the sub and the sup) So I was asked to evaluate the pointwise and the total convergence of this sequence and find the sum. I have...
  19. D

    How to determine total angle of contact when a rope wraps around a curve!

    Hello guys, Quick question. I'm trying to figure out a way to determine what the angle of contact would be if I was to suspend a cylinder with a rope in a sort of basket setting... Please see the image attached... Any help would be greatly appreciated Kind Regards, David:D
  20. P

    Let $X$ be the total service time for $10$ customers. Estimate the probability that

    Assume that the service time for a customer at a bank is exponntially distributed with mean service time $2$ minutes. Let $X$ be the total service time for $10$ customers. Estimate the probability that $X > 22$ minutes. Attempt: I tried to set up and take the integral $$\int_{22}^{+infinity}...