1. idontknow

    Laplace transform

    Find the recurrence relation of \mathcal{L}\{ \sin^{n} (t) \} \; , n\in \mathbb{N}.
  2. idontknow

    Laplace transform

    How can I find the n-th derivative of laplace integral ?
  3. A

    Calculation of Fourier Transform Derivative d/dw (F{x(t)})=d/dw(X(w))

    Hello to my Math Fellows, Problem: I am looking for a way to calculate w-derivative of Fourier transform, d/dw (F{x(t)}), in terms of regular Fourier transform, X(w)=F{x(t)}. Definition Based Solution (not good enough): from I can find that w-derivative of Fourier transform for x(t) is...
  4. B

    How do I deal with a Fourier transform that contains derivatives?

    I want to calculate this: \frac{1}{2 \pi } \int_{- \infty}^{\infty} |X(ω)|^2 dω Should I just normally calculate the derivative inside of X(ω) and then use that final form of Χ(ω) to calculate the integral? Or can I use somehow the property which says that the Fourier transformation...
  5. T

    Find duplicate Geometry with Linear Transform

    Hey, I'm working on an algorithm that finds duplicate Geometry. Here's what I do: I'll take a mesh, get all it's vertices and find the average of them: x = average(a, b, c, d, e, f) then I'll get the distances of the average to the vertices: ad = dist(x, a) bd = dist(x, b) cd =...
  6. D

    Find the orgin of a coordinate system relative to another?

    Hi, I have a point in 2D space, p that I have 2 sets of coordinates for; one set in the Q coordinate system, (qx, qy) and the other in the U coordinate system, (ux, uy). I would like to be able to calculate the Q coordinates of U(0, 0)? I know that I need transformation matrix, but am...
  7. A

    Laplace transform dilemma

    I was explicitly asked to find the Laplace transform of the following function: f(t)=\frac{\sin(\omega t)}{\cos^2(\omega t) +1} There's no way I can solve it manually with my current abilities. I've tried to run it on Mathematica but it can't find a solution either. By the comparison test for...
  8. S

    Fourier transform problem.

    I am having 2 problems which I do not even know where to start. I hope someone can help me. Problem 1) Let: \[ \mathcal{F}_N = \begin{bmatrix} 1 &1 &\cdots &1 \\ 1 &\omega &\cdots & \omega^{N-1} \\ \vdots &\vdots &\ddots &\vdots \\ 1 &\omega^{N-1} &\cdots &\omega^{(N-1)^2}...
  9. Z

    Requesting for some insights about Fourier transform basic

    I am studying the Fourier transform and trying to understand the following equation w is frequency.. t is time.. A(w) is a a signal amplified function delay(w) is a time delay function Trig Identity: sin( a + b ) = sin(a)cos(b) + sin(b)cos(a) Therefore: A(w)sin((wt + delay(w))) =...
  10. J

    Inverse laplace transform, formula help me a little ;)

    I have to find y, but I don't have a formula to solve that one, if anyone have an idea... y=L−1[(e−2πs*s−2)/(s2+4)]
  11. V

    Laplace transform of convolution integral

    Hi folks, Please find the problem statement attached here. Thanks.
  12. J

    Laplace transform

    Laplace transform (self.learnmath) enviado hace 35 minutos por jagcv2 Hi guys! I want to know how much math I need to fully understand what's behind the Laplace transform. I know it probably requires a lot of time and knowledge, but I am willing to put a big effort into it :D! If you could lead...
  13. A

    Fourier Transform

    Hello everyone, am trying to solve this Fourier Trans. problem, here is the original solution >> Q/ How did he come up with this result and where is my mistake? All equation are in the above attached picture here is my attempt, part 1>>...
  14. D

    Fourier transform (application in electromagnetism)

    Hello everybody again! I hope the moderator will not angry for the fact that I am starting second thread today. If something's wrong- I can write my question in my first thread. I am examining the same text (actually it is compilation of very brief fragments) from the same author.... But this...
  15. B

    Laplace transform

    I don't know how the transform was determined from the solution that the book gave. :mad:
  16. M

    How to solve this inverse transform Laplace?

    1/(s^2+1)^2 Knowing the Laplace transform of L(sen t-cos t) may help you.

    Laplace transform kernel

    What does "kernel of laplace transform is e^{-st}" mean?
  18. M

    integral of absolute value of a Fourier transform

    Hi guys, I am going to calculate the following integral: $$\int_0^{f_c+f_m} |Y(f)|^2\, df$$ where: $$Y(f)=\frac{\pi}{2} \alpha_m \sum_{l=1}^{L} \sqrt{g_l}\left [ e^{-j(\omega \tau_l - \theta_m)} \delta(\omega - \omega_0) + e^{-j(\omega \tau_l + \theta_m)} \delta(\omega + \omega_0)...
  19. F

    Finding laplace transform of unit step function?

    The initial function is: f(t) = 0 for 0<t<1 1 for 1<t<2 0 for >2 In function notation this function would be f(t)=U(t)-U(t-2). However the actual question is for us to find f(t-1). So what would this mean? Would it mean: f(t) = -1 for 0<t<1 0 for 1<t<2 -1 for >2 or something else?
  20. P

    Laplace transform of a function

    Hi guys, does anyone know the solution for the laplace transform of the following function? x(t) = e^at*Asin(2*pi*f*t) its a damped sinusoid and s>a Any help would be greatly appreciated!:o