1. S

    Algorithm for convert binary search tree to max heap

    Hello, I have BST in a custom size and I want to convert it to max-heap. What algorithm do we have for this? Thanks
  2. M

    Decision Tree Urgent Help needed

    A large multinational oil company is considering its strategy in the North Sea. The UK government has announced that a new drilling site in the North Sea will be offered for sale on a competitive tender basis, the site going to the company making the highest bid. Provisional exploration of the...
  3. D

    Tree Diagram and Dependent probability.

    Hi so I need some help with this question? Following a survey, it is found that a train service in Japan is late 2% of the time. For a particular working week of 5 days, a passenger wishes to investigate the potential lateness of the train service. a) Find the probability that the train is...
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    Hello, I am a tree...

    Hi, I am Dattier, and I have a bad reputation in most of the math forums. Indeed I do not let walk on the feet, including if you had Fields medals and as many Nobel Prizes. I respect the ploitesse and my interlocutors as long as he respects me. If you do not listen to my speeches for...
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    A graph theory problem about spanning tree

    Proposition. Given a simple connected graph G, suppose T_1 and T_2 are two different spanning trees of G and E(T_1)\E(T_2)={a_1, a_2, ..., a_s}, E(T_2)\E(T_1)={b_1, b_2, ..., b_s}. Then, there exist a permutation {p_1, p_2, ..., p_s} such that T_1-a_i+b_{p_i} (i = 1, 2,...,s) is still a...
  6. A

    Regression tree, recursive partition.

    Hello, I am really struggling with some basic things related to regression tree. Mainly I do not understand how I am suppose to calculate square error and form the recursive partition. Here is the set-up: I have a dataset $\{((1,1),9),((1,2),-4),((1,3),2),((2,2),4),((2,3),2)\}$ and I need...
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    Tree Diagrams

    Hello! I'm new to this forum! I'm having trouble with making the tree diagram in question 2 of the file. Could someone give me some hints? Much appreciated!
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    BB[α] tree question

    (I didn't find other forum that related to a question of this kind). in the following question here, the number inside vertice v is his key, and the number above vertice v is the size of the sub-tree rooted at v. the tree will become un-balanced (by paremeter $\alpha=\frac{1}{3}\ $) after...
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    Binary search tree problem

    hope this is the right section to put this. the problem: Let it be X set of integers. describe a data structure with linear size, based on Binary search tree, which supports the following methods: 1. insertion(a) - insert new integer a to X. 2. search(k) - return the k largest size...
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    probability tree

    Please could someone help with this question Sophie is an A-level student studying Geography, Mathematics and Music. She plans to go to University and has received a conditional offer from Bristol of ‘A B C’ in any combination of subjects. Sophie’s homework grades Geog A...
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    Trig - tree problem

    Hi, can some one please shed some light on this problem? Can someone please give a detailed explanation or share a link to a tutorial covering the the basic information I need to know for me to attempt this problem?
  12. X

    How many ways are there to color the Hshaped tree with 3 colors such that each c

    How many ways are there to color this graph with the following constraints? We have three colors: blue, red, green, and we require that the number of nodes of color green is 2, and blue 2, and red 2 - the same number. And here is my attempt: Automorphisms: $$(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)$$...
  13. H

    Generating function for vertices distance from the root in a planar tree

    Hi, Please I need you help to solve this problem: ---------- Consider a planar tree with $n$ non-root vertices (root edge selected). 1. Give a generating function for vertices distance $d$ from the root. 2. Proof that the total number is $$\displaystyle...
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    Goat tied to a tree

    Hi, I have a problem with one exercise from Analysis. Here it is: A goat is tied to a a tree by a rope. Both radius of a tree and length of a rope are 1. The quetion is: what's the area of grass, that goat can eat? I was trying to solve it by my own, but I can't. It's of course half circle and...
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    random variable binary tree problem

    I have this problem on random variables and a binary tree. The problem goes like this: The experiment is creating a binary tree with 4 nodes. The random variable X is the number of leaves. My first question is what can my possible values be for the random variable X? Would it be 1 and 2 since...
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    Graph, tree, combinatorics

    A graph G, which is a tree, is given. Find an easiest way how many different situations there is in the tree, that every a) 2 b) 5 vertexes are in the same distance from each other. I have an idea that we should focus on vertexes of degree 2 and greater ( for a) ) and find the nearest vertex of...
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    Total Possibilities of a Probability Tree (with node reuse)

    Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I've done any hard core probability, and I'm working on a program to help my friend randomly generate phrases from snippets of text. The program is fine, I just want to be able to calculate the total possible outcomes from a web of phrases. Here's a...
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    Use a tree diagram to calculate the probability

    Hi everybody! I have to solve this exercise. We observe a tournament of 2 ^ n players, which consists of n rounds. In each round every 2 players play against each other and only the winner goes to the next round. At the beginning of each round random pairings are defined, all with the same...
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    Need pointer to an algorithm - might be a spanning tree, not

    My apologies if this is posted to the wrong group. I am trying to solve a problem for which, I am certain, a solution already exists, but I have not been able to track it down. Even just knowing the proper name would help immensely. Here is the problem: Consider the following matrix (as an...
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    Problem with binary tree

    Hello. Given a binary tree in which the root number is 0 and each left node is the previous number plus one ( left = x + 1 ) and the right node is the previous number plus two ( right = x + 2 ), is it possible, somehow, to reconstruct this binary tree having only the last number, for instance...