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    Cone Volumes

    Hi Guys, Let me explain my problem, and hopefully you can help me come to a solution. I have been asked to model a Calcium Sulfate dihydrate stockpile (A cone shape) that is washed with water to remove impurities of MgCl2 and KCl. My job is to determine how much water should be used given...
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    Compound annual growth for sales volumes

    I'm trying to calculate the difference in sales growth over time. Basically I want to understand by how much have our sales increased since 2012, compared to now, on an average yearly basis. Meaning, sales have increased by an average of X% every year over the seven year period. According to...
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    I have been struggling with question for quite sometime, can anyone help me out? A cylindrical jar of radius 14 cm is filled with water up to a height of 24 cm. 14 spherical balls of radius 2 cm each are immersed in the jar. find the new level to which water is filed in the jar. Thanks.
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    The region R bounded by the parabolas y^2= x and y^2 = 2x−6 is rotated about the x-axis. Find the volume of the resulting solid. So I found that there is only one intersection point between the two curves and an am confused as to how to set up the integral for volume. HELP please! Thank you.
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    it really confuse me: volumes of prisms and cylinders

    1.)A right prism has a square base and a lateral edge of 10cm.Find the volume if the lateral ares is 120cm^2 2.)A cylinder with a volume of 576Ï€m^3 is circumscribed about a square prism which has one side of the base that measure 8m.What is the altitude of the cylinder? 3.)A close cylinder...
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    Volumes Of Revolution Cracked In Under 15 Minutes!

    I made this video to help out those who'd like to understand more about finding volumes using co-ordinate axes. Knowledge about limits, differentiation and integration required and a bit of an imagination. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this video, please leave your...
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    Volumes of revolution - Disk

    Alright - I have two homework problems in which the volume of revolution is to be determined using the disk method. They are listed below. 1) Limits: x=y/2, y=4, y-axis Rotate around y axis 2) Limits: x=y/2, x=2, x-axis Rotate around y axix The first one I solved correctly comming out...
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    Inequalities and rotational volumes.

    I have a question that asks for the area defined by the inequalities y ? x^2 - 2x + 4 and y ? 4 are rotated around the line y = 4. Find the Volume Generated? It's been a a few years since I've done this, can anyone lend a helping hand and point me in the right direction please. Is...
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    Volumes of Solids of Revolution by cylinder

    I'm having a bit of a problem calculating the volume of the solid of revolution by cylindrical shells of y=2*(x-1)^(.5) and y=x-1 about the line x = -1. I recognize that the radius here is (x+2) and the height is 2*(x-1)^(.5) - (x-1). I put into the integral 2pi Int[ (radius) * height) ] and I...
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    volumes by slicing

    Find the volume of the solid whose base is a circular disk of Radius R centered at the origin and whose cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are squares. I never understand how to do these problems...
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    Volumes of solids of revolution.

    I took a picture of the problem for you guys. I'm working on question 30. For a. I got 104. And for b. I got 72. But I thought the answer would be the same. So I'm sure of them is wrong. I used the disk method to solve both of them. I haven't worked on c. yet. A little help please :-).
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    Volumes using integration

    1. Two great circles, lying in planes that are perpendicular to each other, are marked on a sphere of radius a. A portion of the sphere is then shaved off in such a manner than any plane section of the remaining solid, perpendicular to the common diameter of the two great circles, is a square...
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    Calculating Volumes by Slicing

    The cross sections of a solid cut by planes perpendicular to the x-axis are circles with diameters extending from the curve y = x^2 to the curve y=8-x^2. The solid lies between the points of intersection of these two curves. Find its volume. I'm having a difficult time finding the diameter...
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    Volumes of Revolution

    For this question, my answer for parts (i) & (ii) are in line with the text book. I just need to make sure that my approach to answering both parts, particularly the 1st part of (i), are correct. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Q. (i) Use the given diagram (see attachment) to find the...
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    Volumes of Revolution

    Having some trouble with this one. Can anyone help me out? Many thanks. Q. Find the volume of the solid generated, by rotating about the x-axis, the area bounded by the line x+2y-12=0, the x-axis & the y-axis. Attempt: 1st: Determine the points of x bounding the area. When y=6\rightarrow...
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    Volumes of Revolution

    My final answer for this question matches that of the text book, but I'm unsure if I have calculated things correctly, in particular the line marked by :!:. Can anyone help me confirm if I have solved this correctly? Many thanks. Q. Sketch the line x-y-1=0. By rotating this line about the...
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    I need help w/ Shapes Parallel to Axes (volumes by slicing)

    This is the question my calc instructor gave us: Let R be the region bounded by the curves y=5-x^2 & y=x^2+2x+1. What is the volume of the solid with base R and cross-sections that are: a) equilateral triangles parallel to the y-axis. b) Rectangles of height y parallel to the x-axis. What...
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    Volumes by triple integrals

    Can anybody help me with this? Washer and Shell methods by triple integrals In calculus 1, you get formulas for volume using single integrals: the washer method and the shell method. Suppose you have a region in the xy-plane with f(x) < y < g(x), a < x < b. Let the solid S1 be given by this...
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    Volumes of Solids of Revolution

    Volumes of Solids of Revolution Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the equations? y=22-10x-x2 y=x+22 about the x-axis & the line y=11
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    Volumes By Cylindrical Shells