1. K

    Central Limit Theorem for weighted summation of random variables?

    Here is a quick question:- If X1, X2, X3,.... X20 are 20 random variables (independent/ idd) What would be the result of: 2*X1+5*X2+1*X3+18*X4...+0.5*X20? (linear combination of the random variables, with fixed known constants). Will the above function form a normal distribution if we...
  2. M

    Weighted Average question

    Hey, I am trying to read up on the term Weighted Average. In doing this I found the following article posted by Investopedia: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/weightedaverage.asp My question is. Isen't there an error in the table calculation? The article states that the weighted...
  3. R

    Average Weighted Interest Rate

    Dear, I've got a problem which I am unfortunately unable to solve. How can I compare the 3 loans below, to get an Average Weighted interest rate? Loan 1 Loan: 100.000 Residual Value: 0 Period: 60 months Nominal Interest Rate : 2% Loan 2 Loan: 50.000 Residual Value: 10.000 Period: 72 months...
  4. G

    [Weighted average] Is last para saying that first para is wrong?

    In my book, in Averages chapter there is a line which tells us: There are two sections A and B of a class where the average height of section A is 150 cm and that of section B is 160 cm. On the basis of this information alone, we cannot find the average of entire class (of the two sections)...
  5. P

    Weighted average?

    Dear Math community I'm struggling with a small math issue and I hope some of you can help. Assume we have a list of numbers 20000 45000 -1500 2444 -5000 sum: 60944 Now I want to take the first figure (20000) and split it across the 4 remaining sums according to their weight...
  6. G

    log linear weighted least squares application

    Hi, I am trying to fit a curve to a set of data using a weighted least squares approach. The reason I am using the weighted approach is to bias my solution to my more reliable data. I am however having a problem trying to derive the analytical solution to the problem. T curve I am trying...
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    Weighted Average Percentage - help

    Hello, I have a maths problem, but I am no maths guru! I found this forum and hope you can help. I think the answer will be, it is not possible but want to be 100% sure. I have some data, data sample attached. The data shows the volume of customers who had a specific type of experience...
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    Understanding the IMDb weighted rating function

    I'm trying to implement a review function on my website, but I want it weighed. I checked on IMDb and they have this: weighted rating (WR)=(v/(v+m))R+(m/(v+m))C (WR)=(v/(v+m))R+(m/(v+m))C where: R = average for the movie (mean) = (Rating) v = number of votes for the movie = (votes)...
  9. S

    Weighted Average Rate

    Hello, What is the weighted average rate for all 3 month combined? Is it: (15+20+5)/(1000+1025+980) = 0.0133
  10. H

    Weighted Average

    Hi, I am trying to do an analysis on the average number of days for a customer to pay up the amount owed. Data is based on invoice amount and time taken to make payment. E.g. Invoice # Amount Invoice Date Date Paid Num-Days (Date Paid - Invoice Date) Inv-1 $1,000 04-12-13 19-03-14...
  11. M

    Weighted Ratios Question

    Hi, I have ratios for a number of different components that add up to a total ratio. I'm then comparing those ratios across two time periods and working out the movement in percentage points across the periods at both component and total level. I'd like to know how to work out how each...
  12. R

    Weighted Contribution of Values

    Okay, this is a math challenge that has been kicking my butt. The objective is to determine the weighted contribution of each value towards the result in the formula below. What I mean by "weighted contribution" is, say there is a formula A * B * C = D. Each variable, A, B, C, has a 1/3...
  13. C

    Process Question Regarding Weighted Units

    Could someone please explain what steps I would have to take to solve the following problem? To be clear, I'm not looking for an answer to the problem, but just the correct methods I would have to use to solve it. Of 150 customers who were eligible to receive a reward for their patronage, 85...
  14. T

    weighted averages in groups with common range

    I am doing a survey of questions grouped into categories. Each question has a weight applied to it. I want to then total and average each category. Lastly, I want to total and average all the categories together. Here's the challenge: I want all of categories and the total average to have the...
  15. B

    The Weighted Mean

    I think the answer may be staring me in the face on this one, but I can't spot where I've gone wrong. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Q. The marks of 2 students in 5 subjects, and the weight attached to each subject, are given in the table. If the weighted mean mark of Student 2 is 0.1 less...
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    Calculating the Weighted Average of Two Graphs

    i have an excel file containing 2 graphs [R & V], and their x & y coordinates in 4 separate lists [the X coordinates of R, the X coordinates of V, the Y coordinates of R, the Y coordinates of V] i need to calculate the X & Y coordinates of a 3rd graph through a weighted formula that takes 55%...
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    Weighted permutations

    Hi all, So I have this little permutation problem that is bothering me: We have N slots. Each slot can contain an element of weight 0(none), 1, 2, ..., W. The total sum of the weight cannot exceed "S" with S>W. What is the number of possible permutations?
  18. V


    I have been given a table with shipments and weights month shipments weights jan _____ 5 _________0.3 feb _____ 8 _________ 0.3 march ____12 ________ 0.2 april _____14 _________0.2 The questions are: 1. apply the set off weights in the last column and determine the weighted average? 2. Express...
  19. E

    Weighted pull-up percentage word problem (part2)

    I'm part of a Pull up website that holds contests for weighted pull ups and I'm having a problem on how to calculate this, and word it in a simple form. I'm trying to present this weighted pull-up category to Guinness World Records. I need a clear title and definition. The title should start...
  20. A

    weighted bi-partite matching

    I need to know more about weighted bi-partite matching to compare clusters. For each cluster of the first set I need to match n clusters from the second set (the ones sharing documents). I've been told to use weighted bi-partite matching for it, and I need to implement it. thanks