1. S

    Width of the river

    You want to swim across the river. Before you get in the water you want to work out approximately how far it is to the other side. Use the map below to estimate the width of the river. The river is approximately metres wide This answer will be marked within a reasonable range.
  2. S

    Working width out in an area problem

    The shower block on the campsite has an area of 144 m2 The length of the shower block is 24 m. What is the width?
  3. G

    The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. Not sure how to set this up?

    The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. If the perimeter is to be less than or equal to 104 meters. What are the possible values for the width? Not sure I know how to set this formula up?
  4. C

    length times width and getting a new equation for area?

    So here's my problem. l = 52 - 2w I need to write an equation for area based on width using the above equation. What am I missing here? Whatever the equation is, I have to enter it into my calculator to see the parabola, get the vertex, etc. I just can't figure out what the equation...
  5. Monox D. I-Fly

    The Definition of Length and Width

    In most mathematical learning source, it's always defined that the length of a rectangle is its longer side and the width is its shorter one. I thought that the actual definition was length is its horizontal side and width is its vertical side. Now, say that there's a vertical rectangle (the...
  6. A

    Calculate the length and width of a rectangle

    I have a problem I'm trying to solve. At the moment I'm solving it using brute force, but am wondering if there is a simple formula to do it? Imagine you have a rectangle of size 20 units X 10 units. The area (20*10) is 200 units. Now, lets say you want to keep the width/height ratio of...
  7. D

    width of door at floor level

    Question is attached. Answer: 2.26m I don't know how to work this problem out... could someone help me please?
  8. W

    Finding the width of a path

    Question is attached. As you might have noticed I have been going through all these problem solving questions since i'm on holidays from school...yes i have decided to do maths...in the holidays haha :o just trying to challenge myself! anyway, the answer to this question in the back of the...
  9. I

    Finding minimal width of polygon

    Trying to find the minimal width of a polygon as described as any point on any line, connected to any other point on any other line. This must work for Convex, Concave, and polygons with holes. The shapes are presented as bezier curves.
  10. C

    calculate width and height

    I need to know the width and height of the green line. For the width in this case it will be negative, but it depends on where the last char is drawn. The problem is that the start position can be rotated as you can see in the image by the thick red line, it's close to a 45 degrees rotation in...
  11. T

    Finding the width of a uniform border

    A mural is to be painted on a wall that is 15 units long and 12 units high. A border of uniform width is to surround the mural. If the mural is to cover 75% of the area of the wall, how wide must the border be?
  12. F

    Expressing an L-shaped area as a function of it's width?

    I cannot figure out this function: I have 50m of bordering to place at the corner of a building to form and L-shaped garden. I need to express the area of the garden as a function of it's width. Do I need to cut the L and express it as two formula's and add them together? Please help!!
  13. I

    Word problem involving width, length, circles, rectangles

    Here is the question: A piece of wire x m long is cut into two pieces, the length of the first piece being 14 m. The first piece is bent into a circle, and the other is bent into a rectangle with length twice the width. Give an expression for the total area A enclosed in the two shapes in terms...
  14. J

    How much width and height of square that is 100m2?

    I really forgot math I used to lean in school for example we got square that is 100m2 (square meters) how can we figure out width and height in meters? Is it same as if we know sum of all sides of square and need to figure out how long is one side?
  15. H

    reduce area, calculate new height,width

    if i have a rectangle 100 width and 80 height the area is 8000 if the the area is reduced by 50% to 4000 is there a way to calculate the width and height of the rectangle with the new area??? the height and width proportions need to stay the same
  16. A

    Calculating Width & Height of a rectange...?

    Hi, This is my first post so please be gentle and please move this post if I have posted it in the wrong place :? I work for a real estate company and we were recently supplied with a diagram of an apartment and its total area (sq ft). From the diagram we figured out that the room was at a...