About the Math Weekly Problems section

Nov 2006
This section is created in order to give extra information about the Math Weekly Problems contained in this site.

After the solution to a math problem has been published, I will open a thread containing a few comments (if necessary) along with the solutions provided to me by various members or visitors, in order to permit others to read solutions different from mine (which are often sketched). This will also be a good way to keep archives of the work done.

Sometimes, I try to solve the problems while proposing them on this website. In this case, I publish my solution, which of course can be erroneous or awkward. For instance, I was convinced to hold a solution to the very first Math Weekly Problem of this site, but I came to realize that it was erroneous soon after I published the problem. I have been unable to collect any valid and elementary solution to this math problem so far, even though there must be one.

This section can also be used to discuss math problems from other websites, or to propose your own (periodical or not) math challenges.
Dec 2006
How could we send suggestions or new solutions to former weekly problems ?Apparently the given e-mail address is not active now.
Nov 2008
Please tell me how to type mathematics symbols such as alpha, beta, theta, square, .....
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