Cardinality of the set of binary-expressed real numbers

Aug 2012
I tried to get you (among others) to stop ragging on zylo ...
For the record I've been extremely helpful to Zylo and supportive of his right to post here. And my first irritation with you was when I defended Zylo and YOU attacked him. That is in the written record, and if I dug up the relevant posts it would show that you are misremembering at best, lying at worst.

That said, lighten up bud. I don't have an issue with you.
Fair enough. Peace. All behind us. But as I was reviewing all this, I remembered why I'm so annoyed with you. Right before you quit the site, you had posted one of your "theories." I spent a metric sh*t-ton of time and energy sorting out your convoluted subordinate clauses in support of defining objects that could not exist, and wrote out a detailed reply.

At that moment, you chose to quit the site in a huff. Or in a minute and a huff, as Karl Marx once said. No sorry I meant Groucho. So you were fully engaged in dialoging with me about your latest cranky idea, and you quit the site in mid-dialog. I felt thoroughly sandbagged. That's why you annoy the hell out of me.

But, let bygones be bygones. Fair enough. I won't pick on you anymore. But please do go back and reread your original posts in which you harshly criticized Zylo and I defended him, directly contradicting your false claim about that subject.
Dec 2015
The best you can actually do is just to admit you're wrong and Cantor was right. Not admit it to us, I couldn't care less. But admit it to yourself.
Once you admit it to yourself that Cantor might be right, you will start to see his argument in a new light. We'll help you further from there to clear up any misunderstanding. On the other hand, if you religiously oppose Cantor just for the sake of it, you'll get deeper and deeper in a rabbit hole nobody escaped from.

Math is so beautiful. Set theory even more so, it's the most beautiful part of math. Stop denying yourself this beauty and learn it the proper way it was supposed to be learned.
Thank you. I have learned very much here.