Game Theory, Psychology and Economics

Oct 2015
New York
I'm currently taking interest in analysing various aspects of society through math, i.e. using statistics, probability, game theory, economics and psychology to learn more about human behaviour.
This is a two-part question:
1. What books would you suggest for the first three branches? I have some knowledge in all of those disciplines and am looking for books which present the material in an interesting and intuitive way rather than in a textbook-like way.
2. Could you please point me to books on the latter two areas which focus on applications to game theory, for example withholding supply in economics or credible threats and group behaviour in psychology?

Thanks! All help is much appreciated.
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Dec 2007
If you are at least curious about game theory, you can access john nash's doctoral thesis original:

For economics in general I'd start with a classical text, like for instance David Ricardo and Adam Smith, they are simple and interesting. Then, some of the first chapter or so of Karl Marx's Das Kapital is at least a good explanation of the flaws of those Victorian views. After that Keynes. But real ideal world would be to read Machiavelli first of all, it has nothing to do directly with economics, but it is a frank and to the point manual of how to delude the masses and concentrate power/resources, and this has everything to do with further developments of economy.

These would be more of what is called Macroeconomics, what always has a strong political component, for Microeconomics and the mathematical machinery behind economical models, Hal Varian will do.
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