Hello!!! Is this problem transformable into math equation?

Aug 2019
Hello to all,
First, thank you for any help you could provide me with. My name is Vedouze and I have tomorrow a university business degree presentation. I am panicking... I am bumping into how to solve the following problem. I feel there must be an equation to get the exact / optimum team structure but I miserably fail in finding out... :banghead:

This is the case and the questions:

KEDAI Marketplace is the number 1 fashion marketplace in Southeast Asia with presence in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.
In 2019 KEDAI local teams (teams in each country) managed to bring live a total of 75.000+ SKUs from 1500+ Sellers. KEDAI Marketplace is growing its sales on an average of 35%, monthly, and to stay on top of the game we need to increase and improve our catalog through seller acquisition, in other words, bring more sellers that best fit our customer’s needs.
As a regional team we have to lead the local teams and propose the base structure of local teams, processes for acquisition and performance tracking. The Marketplace Director needs you to propose a plan for the year of 2020 in order to maximize team efficiency and most importantly to jump from 75.000 SKUs live to 200.000 SKUs live in the websites (excluding cross-listing between countries). This goal has to be achieved with the same seller acquisition and management team size, 6 people per country.
Current Seller Acquisition and Management teams include the following roles:
SAMs; Seller Acquisition
AMs; Account Management
The three main tasks in these teams are:
Seller Acquisition (from lead to sign); takes around 2 weeks for a seller to be signed since first contact and represents 30% of total of time spent.
On-boarding (bringing the seller live on the website); takes 3 weeks per seller, on average, and represents 35% of the time spent.
Account Management (help the sellers to upload more SKUs and increase sales with Marketing campaigns); Ongoing task
Current status process for seller acquisition: Lead Selected => Contacted => Meeting => Signed => Live.
SKU Config (Stock Keeping Units); are the different Designs available from Sellers including different colours. Excluding size differences in the same design.
Based on the previous, please present using any format(s) you find useful to answer the following questions:
What is the team structure you would use for the countries and why?
What would be your strategy to have all teams reaching the yearly targets?
How would you maximize sales through seller acquisition?

Thanks again for any help