Help with a tough math question for calculus - are you up for the challenge?

Feb 2019
Mike needs help for his anxiety. His doctor gives him an RX is for Xanax (please don't lecture on me on safety, I am already aware. PLEASE don't say I need help or mock me, I have heard it all and it's not for me, its for a friend/family member ).

The scenario/question is: " Mike received a prescription BOTTLE 1 for (let's say) a placebo. Each placebo is 2mg and the bottle has 100 pills. Ok fine it's Xanax/Alprazolam.

Bottle 1:

UPC: 46
Case Volume: 548.2 LB
Case Weight: 5.35 LB
Bottle weight: 0.11 LB
(case per pellet 120lb)

The scenario/question for BOTTLE 2
is: "Mike received a prescription bottle in for (let's say) THE SAME placebo bill. Each placebo is STILL 2mg and the same pill (xanax), but this bottle has 500 pills, and so dimensions are different.

UPC: 24
Case Volume: 855.0 LB
Case Weight: 9.55 LB
Bottle weight: 0.40 LB
(case per pellet 77lb)

QUESTION: I would like to know the weight (in pounds or kg) of each individual GREENSTONE Aplrazolam 2mg pill.

** (disclaimer this is not from me) (all pills pharmo grade). ** fictional**
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You stated "it's not for me", but come across as though it is. The relevance and precise meaning of some of the details you gave is unclear. Why did you think calculus would be needed?