help with some basic unit conversions

Feb 2009
so were instructed to use the unit conversions where you put them into a table so the right units cancel out and then you just multiply across the top / bottom and divide the last 2 (i think thats how everyone does it)

first problem that is confusing me is this:

solar flares rise to 120,000 miles, what is that in kilometers?

i set up the problem this way (hope this isnt confusing):
120,000 miles | 5280ft / 1 mile | 12 in. / 1 ft. | 1meter / 39.37in | 1km / 0.6214 meter = 3.109 x 10(to the 8th power)

i checked that on a conversions calculator and i guess it's wrong...can anyone tell me what i messed up?
May 2008
Sacramento, California
A much easier way would be this:
\(\displaystyle 120000~\mathrm{mi\left( \frac{1.61~km}{1~mi}\right)}=193200~\mathrm{km}\)
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