Is 6 months of intense study enough time to study for an entrance exam?

Dec 2019
Start with this easy book, which is a 10MB pdf file. If it's too easy, there are more advanced materials elsewhere on that web site. However, the first things I would like to know are whether you can understand everything, given that it's in English, and whether you feel that the level and style of explanation suits you.
Thank you for that skipjack.

Yes, I can understand everything without a problem.

I'll read the book along with other resources that I use.
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Dec 2006
You need to cover the first 42 topics in that book, reading everything and doing all the questions. This should take you from 4 days to 4 weeks, depending on your ability and the amount of your time you use. You need to understand what you read completely, so don't "speed read".These topics are easy, so if you find it a struggle to achieve that much, you may have difficulty meeting your target for the rest of your learning and revision. If you make any careless errors, make a written note of how you went wrong, as this will help you avoid making similar errors in the future. Bear in mind that learning the basics from a textbook should occur much faster than learning by watching detailed videos, which tend to explain things correctly, but very, very slowly.