Learning Maths Again - Which books?

Aug 2019

I did grad level maths quite a while ago (about 35 years ago!). 4 years worth and won the University medal. I really liked it but decided to go on to a more conventional career. I've been working as a Project Manager for the last 20 years (it pays better than being a mathematician!) and now about to retire.

I'd like to do some self study in Maths in my retirement. I've already started on "A first course in Mathematical Analysis" by Brennan and it's pretty easy (and it's a very good book!). The Bolzano Weierstrass theorem, for example was a breeze, so not too worried about understanding things at my age. However, I have decided to take a step back and do some College level maths first so that I can get familiar with all those trig functions, geometry etc (rather than learning them as I go in a more advanced math setting). I think it is important that you have a solid foundation prior to tackling more advanced math.

I like the more practical side of maths, and would be more interested in applications in physics and probability/statistics. To do self study, I think its pretty important that the books have problems which have solutions somewhere (either in the book or online) and are easy to read. Most popular books seem to have online solutions manuals.

Anyway, with this in mind, I have attached a proposed course of maths books. I have chosen some of them because I already have them :). And others because they have good reviews. I realize that going through them may take a while (at 4 a year, maybe 7 years!). Also, I have mixed in some physics books because I want to understand the more applied side.

Anyway, if anyone has any comments on the selection, I would be most interested.