pH logarithm

Oct 2019
Hello I am quite confused about a question I have got on a test. I was wondering if I can get some help since I have looked online and it doesn’t seem to fit with my question which confuses me. In my lesson it states that a value of 2(log10 100) is ten times greater than a value of 1(log10 10). My test question is if a pH is calculated as (-log10 hydrogen ion) concentration. By how many times is the concentration of the hydrogen ion in a solution with a pH value two times greater than one with a pH value of 8? If someone could explain to me the calculations too I would be ecstatic. Thank you in advance :eek:


Forum Staff
Dec 2006
$10^{-2}/10^{-8} = 1 \text{ million}$

(The example in your lesson wasn't using negative exponents.)