Please link me to some resources

Aug 2018
Hi. My name is Emily and I am returning to college this year. I am having an incredibly hard time in my math and science classes because of a brain injury I had several years ago. I was in pre-calculus in middle school, but I fell headfirst into the orchestra pit and lost all of my math skills. I essentially reverted to about third grade math. It hasn't been too much of a problem until now, I have still been able to cashier, cook, and manage my own finances without trouble with basic math, but college requires more. To get my degree, I need to get myself up to snuff with higher maths for my math and science credits. It has been insanely discouraging. It's not just that the knowledge is gone, it's that I get a massive headache when I try to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. I do fine if the math is something I can visualize, so basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and geometry are doable. Once I try to do anything more than that, such as algebra or even order of operations, I shut down. I am looking for support and resources to help me visualize higher maths. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Jul 2018
khan academy is good place to start I think: Math | Khan Academy

About the visualization:

I only know a couple of youtube channels that do that, but mostly for complicated maths, if you are good when it comes to spacial thinking:

This guy has outstanding animations, but it's probably more for math nerds.

I don't know if you visit youtube frequently, but there is a market for learning math, and that market filled up the last years. Just search for algebra playlists or something like that, if you don't like the khan-academy videos.
Jan 2020
Ocean City
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