Puzzle Challenge. I really really need the answer of this. Please help

Dec 2015
In the market, each item has a cost that can be expressed as a positive integer in euros. Trousers are more expensive than Shirts. Thomas buys one pair of trousers and one shirt. He notices that to write both prices, he needs to use 4 distinct digits.

Sadly, upon paying, the cashier makes a mistake and multiplies the two prices instead of adding them. She announces a price

359 Euros bigger than the correct one.

What’s the price of a pair of trousers ?


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Oct 2008
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A mildly interesting problem. Have you made any progress? What if I told you there are at least two solutions for s and t (with s and t representing shirts and trousers, respectively):

(s, t) = (2, 361), (16, 25)